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Datech Solutions, a specialist business of Tech Data, focused on Autodesk products and services, today announced the availability of the Datech Portal in ASEAN. The Datech portal is an online tool that enables Autodesk authorised resellers to access their end-user customer’s contract information quickly. Datech Solutions officially launched in ASEAN in January 2018, bringing its unique combination of dedicated expertise, in-depth experience and specialised services for Autodesk resellers into the region.

The new Datech portal will enable resellers to take immediate action to support and renew their end-user customers’ Autodesk software subscription licenses. Resellers can also leverage and access Datech’s value-added services, and through the Datech Portal, get the latest sales and marketing, technical and operational news.

Vice President, ASEAN at Tech Data, Bennett Wong said:

“The Datech Portal is a great asset for our partners. It will enable Autodesk resellers to add significant value to their businesses through easy access to critical information including renewal opportunities, end-user data, top opportunities, price lists and much more. The tool, coupled with our unique and comprehensive value-added services, will enable our reseller partners to capitalize on the immense opportunities in this market.”

The Datech Portal is aligned with Autodesk’s subscription- and consumption-based model and uses its FLAER cycle (Find, Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew) to focus resellers on proactively engaging with their customers at key stages in the subscription lifecycle. This fosters a deeper relationship between Autodesk resellers and their end-user customers, with the ultimate aim of driving an increase in renewal rates and customer satisfaction.

The portal uses key performance indicators at each phase of the FLAER cycle. Business-critical information is presented to resellers in an intuitive and visually rich interface, which is secure and always available. With a simple mouse click, the reseller can undertake simple and quick actions, either to contact customers immediately or to download data packs to follow up methodically. Also, specific and aligned Datech value-add services are offered at each stage to support and enable resellers to do more for their customers while using less of their resources. These services include tactical support, training and enablement, access to marketing and technical services and order automation.

Datech Solutions is a specialised solution business of Tech Data, the world’s leading end-to-end distributor of technology products, services and solutions. As a highly specialised provider of value-added services to Autodesk, Inc. and the Autodesk reseller channel, Datech Solutions serves the evolving needs of more than 400 highly specialised Autodesk resellers worldwide, from strategic channel development and management to specialised industry training, business intelligence and demand generation. Datech Solutions’ dedicated expertise, unique specialisation, services and operational and logistical strength are unmatched in the market.

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