Corning Gorilla Glass 6
Image credit: Corning Gorilla Glass

Tempered glass for your smartphone’s screen may soon be yesterday’s news because Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass for your smartphones, have developed the most hardened and durable cover glass yet. We are talking about Gorilla Glass 6.

Vice President and General Manager at Corning Gorilla Glass, John Bayne said:

“As consumers become more dependent on their smartphones, the opportunity for potentially damaging drops is also on the rise. Now more than ever, it’s critical the cover glass provides outstanding protection. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 improves upon Gorilla Glass 5 by surviving drops from higher heights, but, more importantly, has been engineered to survive multiple drops.”

According to a worldwide consumer study by Toluna, consumers drop their smartphones at least seven times a year. More than half of the group drops it at the height of 1 metre or below.

To address the issue, scientists at Corning had developed a new material for their latest glass to prevent further damage to the screen of smartphones and burn a hole in your pocket.

Corning Gorilla Glass 6
Image credit: Corning Gorilla Glass

Vice President of Technology and Product Development at Corning Gorilla Glass and Corning Specialty Materials, Dr Jaymin Amin said:

“Gorilla Glass 6 is an entirely new glass composition that can be chemically strengthened to give significantly higher levels of compression than is possible with Gorilla Glass 5. Moreover, with breaks during drops being a probabilistic event, the added compression helps increase, on average, the likelihood of survival through multiple drop events.”

Besides cracks, the new glass is also scratch-resistant and will allow efficient wireless charging.

The fully evaluated Gorilla Glass 6 will hit the market in the next few months, which leaves us with two questions.

  • Will it genuinely prevent cracks when dropped, which we had hoped in the previous glass models?
  • Which brand will come with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6? Samsung, maybe?

I guess we’ll soon find out.

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