OCBC Bank and StarHub have joined hands to develop Singapore’s first loyalty alliance network and platform to make it easier for Singaporean consumers to exchange, consolidate and redeem their loyalty rewards.

With a unified platform, local consumers can look forward to managing their loyalty points more efficiently than having to log in to multiple platforms to utilise their reward points.

OCBC Bank, Head of Group Lifestyle Financing, Mr Desmond Tan said:

“There will be no more wastage. Consumers will now be able to get the maximum value out of each reward point. We are only able to do this because of the strong partnership between OCBC, StarHub and all partners. We have had many years of experience running loyalty rewards programme and we know what consumers want.”

As part of the “We Economy” initiative, the Coalition Loyalty Programme will be actively reaching out to more partners for the benefit of the local consumers. The Programme aims to bring on board major partners from ten industries such as financial services, telecommunications, travel, insurance, retail, hospitality, food and beverage, grocery, petrol and transport.

So far, there are seven partners across seven industries that are part of the Programme. They are AirAsia BIG Loyalty, Frasers Property Singapore, Great Eastern, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Robinsons Group, OCBC Bank and StarHub.

“In our increasingly collaborative world, we saw an opportunity to innovate in the loyalty and rewards space to serve our customers better,” said Mr Howie Lau, Chief Marketing Officer, StarHub.

Today, OCBC Bank and StarHub customers can already start enjoying the benefits of exchanging their existing loyalty rewards through the respective websites. OCBC Bank customers can choose to convert their OCBC$ and Voyage Miles into StarHub Rewards Points, and vice versa, to maximise use of their loyalty rewards. As an example, StarHub customers can log in to www.starhub.com/rewards to convert 100 StarHub Rewards Points into 350 OCBC$. Correspondingly, OCBC Voyage credit card holders can get 160 StarHub Rewards Points by converting 100 Voyage Miles.

The other five partners will be integrated into the loyalty platform later this year.

For details on currently available promotions, all current and new customers of OCBC Bank and StarHub can visit www.innovatingtogether.sg.

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