OCBC Bank appoints StarHub Curiosity as their social listening agency

StarHub has ventured into the business of social listening, and they have just clinched OCBC Bank as their first bank customer.

Named Curiosity, the in-house digital and social analytics hub will take on the role of collecting data from chatters, over the web and social media platforms, about the OCBC Bank.

Understanding what customers are talking about the brand can help the bank identify topics that matter to the customers, and create more meaningful conversations.

Head of Digital Marketing, Consumer Financial Services Singapore at OCBC Bank, Mr Cedric Dias said:

“Social media has grown to be the preferred platform for two-way conversations between brands and customers to take place freely. For OCBC Bank, listening to our customers’ comments on social media platforms has thus grown in importance to render help directly and to better understand them. That is where StarHub’s digital and social analytics capabilities come in. Based on the pilot projects we have conducted together, they are able to generate useful insights from the raw social media data. To us, that is the important part as these insights will help us improve our social media engagement and even help during product development.”

Vice President of Digital Experience at StarHub, Mr Rod Strother said:

This spells an exciting time for StarHub Curiosity, clinching our first bank customer. We are honoured that OCBC Bank, having seen results from past ad-hoc projects, has selected StarHub Curiosity as its social listening agency. Organisations are increasingly seeing the value of social listening, and apart from servicing our biggest client which is ourselves, we hope to help many others adopt data-driven strategies to serve their customers better.

Before clinching the account, StarHub Curiosity had already played a role in many of OCBC Bank campaigns, which help to “identify product enhancement areas, finetune campaign messages, and gain insights for future campaign development.”

StarHub Curiosity, a once-an-in-house social listening solution that was launched last year, could see the telecommunications giant mount a serious competition to existing social listening platforms like Digimind and Hootsuite.

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