In just a few more days, the next contender for Singapore’s private car service market, RydeX will start its operations, and it already has more than 5,000 drivers registered with them.

Terence Zou, Founder and CEO of Ryde Technologies Pte Ltd said:

“This is a big milestone for us, and we are very excited to be able to offer Singaporeans with another alternative to travel using RydeX.”

There are two ride-hailing options for commuters to select. One is called the RydeX Scheduled, which allows commuters to make an advance booking between 10 minutes and seven days. If you have a preferred driver, you could also click on the option to request a specific driver for your trip.

For people who chose to ride in style, there’s the second option called RydeEXEC, which means you will be travelling in luxurious cars driven by the best drivers available, i.e. have a rating of 4.7 and above.


The RydeX app also comes with two other innovative features. It allows users to book a ride in advance and pay for the fare at the time of the booking, which means you can book for a ride during a non-peak period for a peak period ride.

You can also tip the drivers through the app if they have performed exceptionally.

RydeX, a private-hire car service, would be competitive. By lowering the driver’s commission rate to 10 percent, the savings will be passed back to commuters in the form of lower fares and to drivers in the form of higher earnings.

RydeX - Terence Zou

“RydeX’s features are created from market feedback and the experience of running our carpooling services over the past two years. Ultimately, we hope to serve our users better, by providing commuters with a cheaper alternative to get around and drivers a way to make a decent living,” added Zou.

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