This is a set of headphones packed with the best of audio technologies to offer the best listening experience. The latest Bose SoundSport® Free wireless headphones promises that with just two amazing and rugged little earbuds, engineered to strike a new balance between size, performance, and stability in a truly wireless design.

Combined with a miniature acoustic package, including Bose digital signal processing, volume optimised EQ, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, SoundSport Free delivers up to five hours of powerful, clear music – without cracks, pops, or hisses.


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Each earbud weighs just under 10 grams and measures 2.8 cm high x 3 cm deep. They house a new antennae system to maintain a strong and reliable connection between each other, with a device connect range of up to 9 metres. So you won’t need to worry if your phone or tablet they’re paired to is placed too far – whether the device is in your pocket, your bag, or strapped to your arm, it’s totally fine!

SoundSport Free is engineered for not just intense, focused training but also for music on the go. Proprietary StayHear®+ Sport tips create a secure, firm fit that’s comfortable for hours. They’re rugged, built-to-last, and IPX4 rated to resist water and sweat year-round, inside and outdoors. And using your phone and VPA is easy – just one button press on the right earbud.

Picture Credits: BOSE


SoundSport Free is ready-to-go and easy to track. Its charging case magnetically holds each earbud in place, doubles as storage, and provides two additional full charges for up to 10 more hours of battery life. When not stowed away, a new “Find My Buds” feature on the Bose Connect App displays the last time and place they were used to locate them quickly.

The SoundSport Free will come in three, high-gloss colours – Triple Black, Blue/Citron and Orange/Blue for S$319 at authorised Bose dealers.

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Picture Credits: BOSE




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