There are two styli, which are still widely used in the market right now. One is the Apple Pencil (let’s face it. It’s a stylus) and the other is the Samsung S Pen. What if you could combine these two styli into one and use it across the world’s most popular operating systems – Android and iOS? Well, Wacom has just the thing for you.

Introducing the Bamboo Tip

Wacom Bamboo Tip
Bamboo Tip improves productivity on Android and iOS devices. (PRNewsfoto/Wacom)

Wacom has announced a new fine-tip stylus, called Bamboo Tip, that promises cross-compatibility behind Android and iOS devices. Not only that, it can intuitively switch between the devices without the need to pair them through Bluetooth.

Mike Gay, Senior Vice President of the Wacom Consumer Business Unit, said:

“In today’s connected world, we rely on a combination of smartphones, tablets and different operating systems to capture ideas, observations and next steps at work or at play. Bamboo Tip lets users move seamlessly between devices and operating systems to get things done. As OS providers roll out more seamless note taking and markup capabilities on their devices, Bamboo Tip will help users take full advantage to be more productive and turn ideas into reality.”

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Although the Bamboo Tip is technologies away from matching the capabilities of the Apple Pencil and Samsung S Pen, it still offers consumers who love putting pen to paper a chance to try out digital note-taking, which should be a smooth transition since the stylus has a fine-tip.

Battery Life

Armed with 20-hour battery life, the Bamboo Tip could last for days or even weeks depending on the usage. It also has a battery-saving function, which switches off the Bamboo Tip when not in use for several minutes. If it is out of juice, just plug in a USB cable, and it should be ready to go in no time.

The Cons

While everything sounds lovely, there is no perfect product in the world, and that includes this stylus.

The Bamboo Tip does not have pressure sensitivity nor does it support palm rejection. There is also no guarantee that it would work well if you have a screen protector on your device.

So do consider these pros and cons before making your purchase decision.

The Wacom Bamboo Tip is retailing at USD49.95 and is available in US, Japan and European markets at

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