The eCapture Company has introduced their latest product – LyfieEye200™ – dubbed the world’s smallest, lightest 360-degree camera for AR/VR/business applications, measuring at 38mm in diameter, 22mm thick and weighing at only 15 grams.

After the successful launch of the previous generation LyfieEye, the eCapture Company pieced together the feedback received from fans to create the LyfieEye200™ that could be the company’s most versatile 360-degree camera yet.

The eCapture Company Vice President Mr Sherwayn Tan said:

“We received great feedback from fans of our first product – LyfieEye™, and incorporated their suggestions and feedback in the creation of a new product – LyfieEye200™ – that we will add to our inventory of products and accessories that we offer. We are confident that the new features will augment our existing solutions to provide even greater value to our customers. The popular LyfieEye™/LyfieView™ product line re-commences its business and service to customers at a competitive price.  LyfieEye™ and LyfieEye200™ will offer customers multiple selection options.”

According to the press release, LyfieEye200™ will not support Apple’s iOS devices. Instead, “it supports Android and Windows System and will boast a variety of new software enhancements that promise an exciting and revolutionary experience for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) content creators.”

LyfieEye200™’s portability and sleek design will encourage content creators to make use of the device to develop new applications in the AR and VR space. The camera is compatible with USB3.0 and USB2.0, and it also supports Type-C and Micro USB connector with offering a USB-C2B converter.

The upcoming LyfieEye200™ and its accompanying app LyfieView200™ will deliver new and innovative solutions for users in the AR & VR content creation space. It will be launched as a brand new LyfieView200™ app (available on Google Play) alongside the shipment of LyfieEye200.

In addition to the 360-degree video capturing, picture taking and live-streaming of the scenery the audience, and the new innovative Apps grouped into a LyfieWorld™ help adding more practical usages on LyfieEye200™ and LyfieView200™ for more VR/AR/business applications.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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