The launch of the Razer Phone late last year was an incredible success for Razer. It’s the first smartphone that the Singaporean-founded gaming company has ever produced. It didn’t only turn the heads of consumers, but it also won tonnes of compliments from the tech media.

Now that Razer has shown the world what it can do beyond gaming laptops, keyboards and accessories, the question in all our minds is “what’s next?”

The answer? Project Linda.

What is Project Linda?

Razer's Project Linda - Tech Coffee House
Image credit: Razer

To put it simply, Razer’s Project Linda is a concept to combine a laptop and a smartphone. In this case, an ultraportable laptop with a full-size Razer Chroma keyboard and the Razer Phone.

Powered by the Android-based Razer Phone, the laptop comes with a 13.3-inch Quad HD display, houses 200GB of internal storage, a USB standard A connection, a USB Type-C charging port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 720p webcam and a dual-array microphone. It also has a 53.6 Watt-hour capacity standard battery that Razer said that it could charge your smartphone from 0% to 100% three times. The laptop will leverage on the Razer Phone’s two front-facing speakers to project audio.

And in case you are wondering, the Razer Phone’s 120Hz experience too gets extended to the big screen.

How does it work?

Razer's Project Linda - Tech Coffee House
Image credit: Razer

The concept is straightforward to understand. All you have to do is to place your Razer Phone into the allocated space, where trackpads usually are located, click on the Dock/Undock button, and a USB Type-C connector will slide out to connect the two devices. When docked, the Razer Phone almost immediately turned into a touchpad and a secondary screen, depending on the application you use.

Since it’s powered by Android through the Razer Phone, people who are used to the Android ecosystem will find things very familiar. So there’s really no steep learning curve here. Consumers can stay productive by doing their work on the laptop and also take their mind off work by doing some mobile gaming on the bigger screen.

Will Project Linda become a reality?

Razer has a track record of showcasing their cool concepts at CES. But it does not mean that they will materialise these ideas. For example, Project Valerie and Project Ariana that were showcased in 2017 didn’t happen yet. So only Razer and time will tell if Project Linda will become a reality.

Please do…

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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