Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a thing. Many technology companies have started integrating AI into their products, and that includes LG Electronics, which rolled out its own AI development tool called DeepThinQ 1.0.

The DeepThinQ 1.0 integration introduces AI functions such as voice controls, video and sensor recognition and space and human body detection to mobile devices and home appliances.

LG products that are developed on the DeepThinQ platform educate themselves on the behavioural patterns of their owners and external environments through cloud servers. With the AI continuously learning about the usage habits, customers’ experience with the products will improve over time.

Dr I.P.Park, LG Electronics Chief Technology Officer said:

“DeepThinQ is the embodiment of our open philosophy – to provide the most powerful AI solutions to our customers via a strategy of an open platform, open partnership and open connectivity. With DeepThinQ, LG Electronics is leading the world in the development of AI and the many ways in which Life’s Good with LG smart appliances and other products.”

Here are some of the products that are built on the DeepThinQ Platform.

1) LG Robots: Serving Robot, Porter Robot and Shopping Cart Robot

CLOi Brand - LG Robots

  • Serving Robot – to deliver food and refreshments around the clock, present the tray with its built-in sliding tray to the customer for easy removal.
  • Porter Robot – to deliver luggage to the guests’ rooms, handle express check-in and check-out service and take care of payment.
  • Shopping Cart Robot – for customers to scan items using a barcode reader to view product prices and see their complete shopping list on the face display.

2) LG Smart Kitchen Products: such as InstaView ThinQ™ refrigerator, EasyClean® oven range and QuadWash™ dishwasher 

InstaView ThinQ, EasyClean® Oven Range and QuadWash Dishwasher
Image credit: LG
  • InstaView ThinQ refrigerator – can recommend delicious recipes based on what is in the fridge while customers can listen to their favourite songs on Amazon Music, and other streaming music services directly on the InstaView ThinQ for a more pleasant cooking and dining experience
  • EasyClean oven – can be connected to the appropriate app to access recipe information wirelessly and automatically begin preheating at a specific temperature at a set time, the over-the-range hood and lamp switch on automatically when the cooktop is in use
  • QuadWash dishwasher – can set the optimal wash cycle based on the dish prepared

3) LG Air Solutions: such as LG PuriCare air purifier and DUALCOOL ThinQ™ Stand Inverter air conditioner 

  • PuriCare air purifier – uses a sensitive air monitoring sensor to automatically removes fine dust particles when the air quality is deemed uncomfortable for residents and only powering on when filtering is required
  • DUALCOOL ThinQ™ Stand Inverter air conditioner – homeowners can control their indoor temperature with a single phrase from the entrance of their home or another room, and to direct more airflow in the direction of individuals in the room using spatial recognition

4) LG TVs: for OLED TVs and SUPER UHD TVs

ThinQ AI_Weather_Do I need a Jacket

With AI functionality embedded in their TVs, LG customers can speak directly into the remote control to enjoy all the convenient features of today’s advanced voice assistant technology. LG’s ThinQ TVs also function as smart home hubs, offering access to other smart home products such as robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers, smart lights, smart speakers and many other devices that can connect to the TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. And with LG’s newest α (Alpha) 9 processor powering the company’s market-leading OLED TVs, viewers will experience further improvements in what many already consider to be the best TV picture quality. LG Nano CellTM SUPER UHD TVs employ Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) backlighting to provide deeper blacks and enhanced colours, as well as nuanced shadow details for life-like images.

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