When Google launched the Google Pixel 2 XL in early November this year, they also showcased the Google Pixel Buds, which was not available until about two weeks ago. So what’s so special about it? Here are five things to know about the Google Pixel Buds.

1. Intuitive, one-touch control

Answer your phone calls, adjust volume, and play or pause music without reaching for your phone. All audio controls have been conveniently built into a touchpad on the right earbud.

2. Check your messages without looking

Having access to the Assistant means it can alert you to new notifications and read your messages. Just double-tap on the right earbud after hearing a notification alert and the Google Assistant will read the new message to you.

3. Real-time translation with Google Translate

Google Pixel Buds
Staff of Google doing a product test

The Pixel buds can listen to a spoken language and translate it to another that the user understands almost instantly.

4. Fantastic battery life

Google Pixel Buds

With just one charge, the Pixel Buds can last up to 5 hours. To give it more juice, just put it into the charging case that holds multiple charges.

5. Built-in Microphone

The Pixel Buds have a built-in microphone that is tuned to focus on the user’s voice, filtering out the background noise.

Although the Google Pixel Buds can easily be connected via Bluetooth connection, the Google Assistant on it is exclusive to Assistant-enabled Android device with the data connection.

SingTel is currently the only telco in Singapore selling the Pixel Buds and it retails at S$238.00. You can also get it on Lazada.

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