M1 has announced the Asia’s first network-based mobile malware detection solution to safeguard user information from being compromised.

Powered by Nokia’s NetGuard Endpoint Security, network-based anti-malware solution, the Mobile Guard works by scanning the smartphones accessing the M1’s Mobile network for signs of malware infection on the smartphone. When an abnormity is detected, it will send an SMS and an email to prompt the affected mobile user. The user can then use the anti-malware software bundled with the Mobile Guard to resolve the malware infection.

“There has been a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of malware attacks over the last few years. Nokia’s NetGuard Endpoint Security solution, designed to combat today’s more sophisticated malware threats, provides complete peace of mind for M1 subscribers by delivering the highest levels of security for mobile and IoT devices,” said Mr Nicolas Bouverot, Head of Asia South at Nokia.

“M1’s Mobile Guard is the only solution in our market to offer always-on, end-to-end network-driven malware protection – helping customers perform a device health assessment, detecting and alerting customers to a threat, and helping them eliminate any threat found,” said Mr Alex Tan, Chief Innovation Officer, M1.

The Mobile Guard is available on the My M1 app for a monthly fee of S$2. Customers can also sign up for the service by calling the M1 hotline 1627 and the M1 outlets.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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