The tech world is evolving extremely fast and new technology is sprouting everywhere across the world almost every day. However, the innovation for many tech giants like Google, it seems like what’s happening now is not enough. There is more to be done and this is possibly why Google ventures into the world of Artificial Intelligence or, in short, AI.

While the idea of having AI around will definitely improve our lifestyle drastically, what about the negative impact of it? Wipe out our human race like in The Terminator?

The Google Assistant

Not so long ago, a friend and I were talking about AI and how it could reshape the landscape of the tech world. I shared that I love the idea of AI and I have embraced the earlier version of it in my life i.e. Google Assistant and Siri but I still have my worries over how it will potentially impact our lives in an adverse way. 

The Google Assistant is quite a revolutionary example, if you think about it. It can hold a conversation with people at its current phase and although it is still at the question and answer stage, it’s already a huge step towards making a fully autonomous AI come true. To push it even further, earlier this year Google’s AI also beat Go Genius Lee Sedol 4-1. And this is why it scares a tech geek like me. I guess I love to be in control somehow over my tech.

Programming has always been a reflection of its programmer. How things act is how the programmer wants it to act. However, the Google AI has broken the norm and made flexibility a thing in AI, which is both incredible and scary.

Is Elon Musk right about AI?

Approximately three years ago, Elon Musk warned about AI running amok. I totally agree with him. While many may view that future accidents involving AI could be an issue with the programme itself, what about the possibility of programmes rewriting themselves in an unsafe way not dictated by humans? 

That said, my thoughts are just a speculation of what might happen and may not be something that may come true. But same goes to many who thought AI was just a dream.

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