Origami Labs launches ORII – the world’s first voice-powered smart ring

The Origami Labs has unveiled a new type of wearable technology that could change the way we communicate in the future, in a very cool way, just like how bodyguards talk to one another in the movies.


The ORII is the world’s first voice-powered smart ring that allows you to take calls, send text messages and use Siri and Google Assistant to manage your day-to-day activities. All these are done just by placing your fingertip to your ear.

Said ORII CEO, Kevin Johan Wong: “…ORII uses bone conduction to send sound discreetly to your ear, creating a device, which allows freedom from the screen-based interaction.”

Bone conduction is the transmission of sound vibrations through the bone to the inner ear and it is commonly used in medical hearing devices for people with hearing loss.


Here’s how it works.

Launched only yesterday evening, the ORII ring has already managed to crowdfund more than their initial target of USD30,000 and with 29 days to go, we are expecting more funding to pour in leading up to the deadline.

The ORII ring will be available in Matte Black, Sandblasted Silver and Metallic Dark Grey. Right now, you can still pre-order it at its Super Early Bird price of USD99.

For more information about its Reward Tiers, visit their Kickstarter page here.


Connectivity Dual Bluetooth 3.0/BLE4.0
Compatibility Android 4.4 or above iOS or above
Battery Life 1 hour talk time and 45 hours standby time
Charging Time 1 hour
Waterproof IPX7 (Splash Proof)
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