Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
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The next time you visit the National Gallery Singapore, you can loan out a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0″ WiFi tablet to enhance your touring experience, thanks to the collaboration between Samsung Electronics Singapore and the National Gallery Singapore.

A total of 50 tablets are available for loan at the Gallery’s Visitor Services Centre located at Basement 1 and they come preloaded with the first-of-its-kind National Gallery Singapore’s Gallery Explorer app.

“National Gallery Singapore is a mark of Singapore’s unique heritage and history as it houses some of the finest art collections and exhibitions that tells our country’s stories,” said Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore. “We hope that visitors will have a more engaging and fruitful learning experience from using the Gallery Explorer app on the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0” Wi-Fi®.”   

“National Gallery Singapore strives to make art accessible to everyone. The Galaxy Tab S2 8.0” Wi-Fi® facilitates greater art appreciation as the Gallery Explorer app provides easy access to information on exhibited artworks, including their stories and significance,” Kevin Lim, Deputy Director (Co:Lab X), National Gallery Singapore. 

With the Gallery Explorer app, visitors will be able to access the “largest public collection of modern Singapore and Southeast Asian art. Enhanced with engaging features, the Gallery Explorer app serves as the visitors’ personal tour guide with audio tours, wayfinding capabilities and more.”

The app will narrate information on the artwork to give users the ability to learn more on the go. Coupling it with the stunning super AMOLED display on the tablet, users will have a rich and incredibly define look at the artwork all in the size of an 8-inch screen.

If you wish to skip the trouble of loaning the tablet at the Gallery or in case the 50 tablets are fully loaned out, you can download the app on your Android devices via the Google Play.

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Mark Ko

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