Starhub is launching a new value-added service (VAS) called DataShare. It is the first mobile service provider to enable customers to cross-share data usage. What this does is to allow you to share up to 12GB of data across multiple lines that are under the same billing account. 
Let us simplify things for you.

Imagine that you are subscribed to the 4G 3 plan and your parents too are subscribed to the same plan under your name. But you realised that they are only using 1GB out of their 3GB of data every month. So what happens to the 4GB of unused data between them?

With the introduction of the Starhub DataShare, you can allocate those 4GB to yourself. How great is this?

Ms Wang Li-Na, Head, Segment & Marketing, StarHub said: “We recognise that usage patterns even within families are diverse, with some having more than enough data and others in want. This is a challenge that DataShare has been designed to overcome. With DataShare, our customers will be able to choose when, with whom and how much to share, optimising data usage and cost for the family.”

But it’s not free. This VAS will be going at a promotional monthly rate of SGD 2.14. It’s usual price is SGD 10.70. The DataShare is only available for existing and new postpaid customers who are subscribed to the 4G, 4G SIM Only, Surfhub and/or Homehub Go plans.

To subscribe, simply go onto the Starhub app or logon to the Starhub Web Portal at to make the switch. The VAS will be available tomorrow, 1 June 2017.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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