If you are someone who finds it a chore to fall asleep, and have been grappling with this for years, Sana Health extends its helping hand to you with the Sana Sleep mask. Cited as the “first truly smart sleep mask”, the wearable device allows a user to go to sleep in just 10 minutes.

The Creator

Sana Sleep is the brainchild of Sana’s CEO, Mr Richard Hanbury, who got into an automobile accident at the age of 19, and had been suffering severe pain from the chronic nerve damage as a result of the accident. The cause to put an end to his pain and manage the chronic pain led to his invention of this device, which could possibly help many people out there who have sleep difficulties.

Dialogue with Mr Richard Hanbury, CEO of Sana – https://vimeo.com/167442817

The establishment of Sana Sleep took about 24 years and over 700 individual trials of EEG-based research. The team is focusing on the hardest core cases of PTSD-induced insomnia and Chronic Pain insomnia, in order to help those in greatest need first. Sana Sleep will be available to the general public in the second quarter of 2018 at a price of around US$400 (SGD 553.92).


Picture Credits: Sana


How It Works

When put on, the HRV sensor monitors fluctuations in the user’s nervous system. With the data gathered, the mask will tailor the Audio-Visual (neuro-modulated light and sound) stimulation to your nervous system’s unique responses (pat. pend.). It also provides the user with an incredible metric to track his/her overall health and well-being. With the stimulation, Sana Sleep guides the brain through a sequence of patterns (pat. pending) present in the very best natural sleep cycles – putting you into a deep and natural sleep.
The Sleep Mask by Sana
Picture Credits: Sana

Read more at http://sana.io/.

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