Bose_noise-masking sleepbuds

Bose has developed a new set of earbuds that are not meant for your typical audio entertainment, and it’s available in Singapore starting 11 September 2018 for S$379 at authorised Bose dealers.

Smallest of all Bose products, the Bose sleepbuds are made to help users sleep better with the use of Bose’s noise-masking technology and ten pre-loaded soothing soundtracks called “sleeptracks”.

Systems Engineer for Bose sleepbuds, Daniel Lee said:

“Noise-masking is a science. It’s more than ambient sound or white noise. You can’t achieve it by simply turning up the volume on calming songs. And depending on the situation, it (noise-masking) is more effective than active noise cancelling – even ours.”

The “sleeptracks” are specifically selected to match the frequency levels of common noises expected at home like the sound of snoring, dogs barking, traffic and more. By matching the frequencies, it blankets the noises with  “a layer of relaxing audio.” These audio tracks are stored on the flash memory on the sleepbuds.

Bose_noise-masking sleepbuds

Made with the purpose of giving users with excellent sleeping comfort, the Bose sleepbuds are not only lightweight at 1.4 grams on each side, but they also come with the “new patented ear tips for a snug, soft, barely-felt fit. The new noise-isolating StayHear+ Sleep tips act as a secondary barrier to further block out noise disturbances. These tips come in three sizes, and they should fit well in many ear types.

Bose Sleepbuds

The Bose sleepbuds can last up to 16 hours of usage with a full charge. To recharge, the sleepbuds can be placed in its charging case during the day for another one to two days of undisturbed sleep.

Pairing it with the Bose Sleep app, available for iOS and Android, users can update, control and select preferences that suit them the most.

Users can also set the alarm by choosing one of the sleeptracks and determine the volume to wake them up pleasantly as opposed to a sudden loud alarm that jolts most people up every morning.

Sleeping deprivation is a rising concern in many countries.

In a recent online poll, by market research firm, Wakefield Research, Singaporeans are found to be the second-most sleep-deprived people, only one per cent short from first place, British.

Category Director of Wellness at Bose, Brian Mulcahey said that “sleep deprivation is a growing trend and behind the staggering statistics are real people, and this product (sleepbuds) can be a game changer for many of them.”

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