LG is definitely bent on making our lives greater than it already is, with its latest releases in the Home Entertainment arena. New editions for LG’s OLED, SUPER Ultra High-definition (SUPER UHD) and UHD 4K TVs promise an ultramodern audio-visual experience, given that these screens are built with solid TV and sound engineering.

At the launch of LG’s HE and IT product range yesterday at the Marina Bay Sands, the Signature W7T and G7T TVs stole the limelight with their super slim profiles… so thin that you could actually bend it by holding its corners!

Ever Seen a Wallpaper-thin TV?!

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W (with screen image).jpg
The W7 series boasts a slim-line thinness of only 2.57mm. Picture Credits: LG

The LG SIGNATURE W7T series follows LG’s “less is more” philosophy with its minimalist and sleek design emphasising the beauty of the screen alone. With a thinness of an unbelievable 2.57mm, the OLED panel accentuates any wall surface with magnetic brackets, allowing minimal gaps and giving it a framed art appearance.

The W7T leverages on LG OLED’s revolutionary pixel dimming control technology, which renders perfect black without any light leakage to offer a limitless contrast ratio, with one billion possible colours. No wonder it clinched the prestigious 2017 CES “Best of Innovations” Award in the 77-inch class.

The razor-slim G7 series. Picture Credits: LG

The G7 series is another work of art, with its Picture-on-Glass design –the slim, flexible, lightweight OLED panel can be placed against a simple pane of glass for a sculptural and modern design. The TV promises cinematic colour and realistic images due to perfect contrasts that stand out against the deep black levels.

The 65-inch set of the Signature W7T comes at a whopping price tag of S$12,888, and will make its entry unto our shores this May together with the Signature G7T series (available in 77 and 65 inches; price will be announced at a later time).

Audiovisual Perfection with Dolby Atmos® and Dolby Vision™

LG’s 2017 OLED TV editions are now equipped with the latest Dolby Atmos® audio technology, to give users the intense action sequences with rich sounds that fill the entire room — even the space overhead — with powerful surround sound where even the most intricate sounds can be heard. And with Dolby Vision™, the high dynamic range (HDR) technology that powers Dolby’s most advanced cinemas around the world, these OLED TVs have elevated the home TV viewing experience with greater brightness and contrast as well as a fuller palette of rich colours. With these advancements, you probably would not need the cinema for your theatre fix!

Besides the W7 and G7 series, the 2017 line-up of LG OLED TVs will also include a 55- and 65-inch E7 as well as 55- and 65-inch C7.

SUPER UHD TVs Deliver Accurate Colours in Any Viewing Angle

At the launch of LG’s HE & IT Product Line at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

Bringing the vibrancy of colours back into TV content, LG’s third-generation SJ957T, SJ950T and SJ850T SUPER UHD TVs are built with the Nano Cell technology to deliver consistent colours at wider viewing angles, even if viewers are seated in front of the screen or watching it at a 60-degree angle. LG’s new Nano Cell TVs rely on the improved ULTRA Luminance technology to deliver brighter, crisper image highlights. This new line-up also supports a variety of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma.

How the Nano Cell Technology Works – Nano Cell LCD displays offer a technological advantage by employing uniformly-sized particles approximately one nanometre in diameter. The Nano Cells achieve impressive results by absorbing surplus light wavelengths, enhancing the purity of the colours displayed on the screen. For example, the colour green on conventional TVs can blend with other colour wavelengths — such as yellow or blue — causing the colour to fade and take on yellowish or cyan hues. LG Nano Cell dramatically reduces instances of colour fading, image instability and other colour degradation issues. Nano Cell technology also reduces onscreen light glow in a bright environment to maintain high picture quality.


Enhanced Brightness and Colour Output

The new LG OLED and SUPER UHD TVs embed cutting-edge technology and renowned colour science expertise from Technicolor, which is used in premium Hollywood productions. So expect the most vibrant and life-like viewing experience that recreates the artistic intent of content creators — all in the comforts of your own home.

Also designed with Active HDR technology, these LG TVs are capable of displaying next-generation HDR content designed to render brighter scenes and greater shadow detail, even if the original HDR content contains static or no metadata at all.

Life-like Images and Quick Access to Netflix

Netflix Recommended TV Logo.png

The LG UHD 4K TVs offer resolution that is four times higher than HDTVs. The 55-inch UJ632T, for example, boasts In-Plane Switching 4K technology, providing excellent viewing angles, superb and realistic colour reproduction and optimal screen brightness. As such, it can be used as a TV for entertainment or even as a gaming monitor that will please discerning players.

The LG UHD 4K TVs are also Netflix Recommended, awarded to TVs that have passed rigorous evaluation process such as a fast app launch, easy access, clear display of images and texts amongst many others. This means that the TVs offer speedier performance, launching the app immediately after turning on the TV. Access is easier with a Netflix button on the remote control, and an app on the TV menu.

Intuitive Smart TV Platform for a Seamless User Experience

The implementation of the latest webOS 3.5 Smart TV platform helps make LG’s entire line-up of premium TVs user-friendly. You will have easier control and faster access to information on cast and content with the improved Magic Remote and the new Magic Link feature. With a single click on the remote, users can instantly access a wide variety of entertaining 4K programming, such as Netflix and Amazon. And with the enhanced Magic Zoom, viewers can enlarge and record any part of the screen they wish to see close up. Connecting the TV to a mobile phone or PC with a USB cable allows one to enjoy eye-popping 360-degree VR content. Using Magic Remote, viewers can move scenes in any direction or zoom in/out with the scroll wheel.

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