The latest sound bars by LG are set to be a highlight in every home interior with their sleek and sophisticated design. In addition, they are bound to boost the home entertainment experience, offering powerful cinema-quality capabilities as you sit back in your sofa while tuning in to your favourite content.

An Immersive Acoustic Environment

Harnessing the power of Dolby Atmos® technology, the new LG SJ9 Sound Bar is equipped with multiple speakers to envelop the listener with realistic sound from every angle for a more immersive experience.

LG Audio(SJ9)
The LG SJ9 Sound Bar provides pristine surround sound with the Dolby Atmos technology. Picture Credits: LG

The SJ9 is also equipped with 4K Sound, and is compatible with high-quality lossless audio files to recreate the sound recorded in the original studio. The SJ9’s Sound Upconverting feature increases the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz to enhance subtle details and nuances of each track. It also supports 4K Pass-Through to deliver pristine and perfectly synchronised sound without compromising image quality.

Equally impressive is LG’s elegant SJ8 Sound Bar (below), equipped with features including 4K Sound, 4K Pass-Through and the ability to stream content using Chromecast built-in.

Picture Credits: LG

With TV Perfect Fit Kit, owners can integrate the SJ8 with selected LG TV sets by replacing the original stand with the SJ8 sound bar.

Finally, the LG SJ7 is a versatile and powerful 320W Sound Bar with Bluetooth® and can be positioned for any living room setup (below) – either horizontally or vertically, front-facing or surround sound with one speaker in the front and another at the rear. Its Adaptive Sound Control feature also identifies the content that is playing and automatically adjusts the audio settings.

SJ7 Lifestyle Setting 3.jpg
Picture Credits: LG

When the TV needs a rest, users can bring along one of the speakers, placing it anywhere in their personal space as a portable music box. With the Bluetooth function, all that is needed is a pairing of a smartphone or laptop with the speaker and you will have your very own personal wireless jukebox.

Picture Credits: LG

The sound bars will be available in Singapore in June this year; prices will be announced at a later time.

First 4K Blu-ray Player with Dolby VisionTM High Dynamic Range

LG’s UP970 4K Blu-ray Player (below) is the first of its kind to support Dolby Vision™ high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, promising greater brightness and contrast, as well as a palette of rich colours. It will also offer a strong line-up of content via on-demand streaming services, allowing users to play their favourite movies whenever they want.

Left View
Picture Credits: LG

The 4K Blu-ray player also offers enhanced dual format HDR compatibility, with support for the generic HDR format (HDR10) so that users can enjoy access to more HDR content, enhanced further by a robust portfolio of movies and episodic content in Dolby VisionTM. The LG UP970 also features additional picture quality technologies, including support for 10-bit colour as well as playback of high-efficiency video coding (HEVC). It is also compatible with a variety of leading sound formats, including Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos® and DTS-HD Master Audio.

The UP970 player will be available in Singapore from this May; price will be announced at a later time.

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