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As I am typing this, my heart aches. I still remember showing off my data x 2 to my colleagues are really few months ago. I was so proud until Circles.Life unveiled their add-on service, 20GB for $20, to their current plans for both existing and new customers.
If you are using its base plan (6GB at $28), you just need to use their app, subscribe to the 20GB data and voila – You are now one of the data rich people in Singapore.

By the way, this is a no-contract plan. So you can cancel anytime you want! I’m so tempted now to apply a plan with them already. 

If you are residing out of Singapore, the good news is that Circles.Life plans to expand their business overseas. So telcos elsewhere, don’t laugh at SingTel, Starhub and M1 yet because you will soon face this fierce rival.

One curious thought. I wonder how SingTel will react to this since they are, to me, the most inflexible telco in Singapore.

Your move.

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