You can now kiss your loved ones who are residing far from you thanks to Kissenger.

Like what the name suggests, the Kissinger’s mobile application and gadget allow you to send your kisses like how you send your normal messages to another person. The only difference is that you have to put your lips on the Kissinger gadget to send that kiss over to whoever you want to kiss over the phone and of course, they must have the same gadget and application installed to receive it.

There are high precision force sensors embedded in the silicon lips of the gadget. This means it senses the pressure of your kiss and translates the same pressure to the other person. So it’s like giving a real kiss but in a more… perverted way.

This is so hard to comprehend. It is revolutionary but unconventional in a way that it’s weird. But imagine what they can do if they take it to the next level if you know what I mean. 😉


Take a look at this video to find out more about how it works and feel by The Gadget Show.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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