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According to a research, people who floss every day can live up to six years longer and this is why we should embrace Flosstime.

Flosstime is the “world’s first smart floss dispenser”. Yes. It dispenses floss, which is something that I believe is good-to-have tech.

How it works.

Flosstime uses micro-suction tapes to stick itself on the mirror in your bathroom. When you want to use it, press on it. I always have a problem gauging the correct length for my floss and this new tech gadget should be able to solve this problem of mine, because it is designed to dispense the perfect length of the floss.

The device also reminds you every 22 hours to floss if you have not. It can shine a smile or a sad face using the lights built around the device. It smiles when you floss for the day and it gives you the sad face if you failed to floss.

Flosstime has enough floss to last you a year unless you floss 10 times a day. The battery life can last you for a year as well. When you run out of floss, you can hop over to their online store to stock yourself up.


Dual-user mode: It can serve as a peer pressure function for your partner to remind you to floss if you have not. So no kisses for tonight?

Snap-ons for kids: I do not think that having snap-ons make it more fun to floss. I mean look at the design. Oh please.

If you are looking to get all hi-tech about flossing, you can consider purchasing this. By the way, they kickstarted for $15,000 and got $53,479 instead. So this thing is popular like hell.

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