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WD announces new gaming SSD with NVMe performance

Western Digital® Black 3D NVMe SSD

Western Digital Corporation today unveiled a high-performance Western Digital® Black 3D NVMe SSD that promises users the necessities to capture high-resolution video, audio and gaming content. To meet the ever-growing demand for quick data access, Western Digital developed a new breed of SSDs to help remove the traditional storage bottleneck. This M.2 drive features a

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Transferring Mega Files at FLASHing Speed

Western Digital Corporation unveiled its fastest, high-capacity USB flash drive to date, promising potential consumers with the flashing speed, capacity, and reliability of a Solid State Drive (SSD) all in one tiny device. This will make a perfect accessory for graphic designers, photographers, musicians, video producers… Well this is certainly a must-have for creative professionals and tech enthusiasts, as

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