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Tag: Nvidia

VinAI Deploys Vietnam’s First NVIDIA DGX A100 for NLP Research

SINGAPORE—May 21, 2020—NVIDIA today announced Vietnam’s first deployment of the new NVIDIA DGX A100TM system at VinAI, the country’s first research lab. VinAI has big…

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NVIDIA announces Jetson Xavier NX, World’s Smallest Supercomputer for AI at the Edge

NVIDIA has introduced Jetson Xavier™ NX, the world’s smallest, most powerful AI supercomputer for robotic and embedded computing devices at the edge. With a compact…

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‘Quake II RTX,’ NVIDIA’s Reimagining of PC Gaming Classic with Ray-Traced Graphics, available now

NVIDIA has announced that Quake II RTX, published by the company’s LightSpeed Studios, is now available on Steam and as a free download. Quake…

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NVIDIA introduces DRIVE AutoPilot, world’s first commercially available Level 2+ automated driving system

NVIDIA has announced the world’s first commercially available Level 2+ automated driving system, NVIDIA DRIVE™ AutoPilot, which integrates multiple breakthrough AI technologies that will enable supervised…

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