NVIDIA Base Command Platform Provides Enterprises with Fast Path to Scale Production AI

NVIDIA Base Command Platform Provides Enterprises with Fast Path to Scale Production AI

NVIDIA has unveiled NVIDIA® Base Command™ Platform,  a cloud-hosted development hub that lets enterprises quickly move their AI projects from prototypes  to production.  

The software is designed for large-scale, multi-user and multi-team AI development workflows hosted  either on premises or in the cloud. It enables numerous researchers and data scientists to  simultaneously work on accelerated computing resources, helping enterprises maximise the  productivity of both their expert developers and their valuable AI infrastructure.  

Base Command Platform is available now through a premium monthly subscription jointly offered by  NVIDIA and NetApp. The Base Command Platform with NetApp solution includes access to the record breaking performance of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ AI supercomputers and NetApp data management.  

Google Cloud plans to add support for Base Command Platform in its marketplace to deliver a true  hybrid AI experience for customers later this year.  

“World-class AI development requires powerful computing infrastructure, and making these resources  accessible and attainable is essential to bringing AI to every company and their customers,” said  Manuvir Das, head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA. “Deployed as a cloud-hosted solution with  NVIDIA-accelerated computing, NVIDIA Base Command Platform reduces the complexity of managing AI workflows, so that data scientists and researchers can spend more time developing their AI projects  and less time managing their machines.” 

“A majority of enterprises now see AI as critical to the success of their digital transformation initiatives,  but are challenged by the complexity of deploying and integrating it into their organisations,” said Brad  Anderson, executive vice president of the hybrid cloud group at NetApp. “The NVIDIA Base Command  Platform with NetApp and new subscription offering make it easier for customers to implement AI and  put it to work, simplifying workflow management, and providing unmatched performance and  processing power to supercharge their deployments.” 

“We are excited to collaborate with NVIDIA to support Base Command Platform in Google Cloud’s  Marketplace,” said Manish Sainani, director of Product Management for ML Infrastructure at Google  Cloud. “This hybrid AI offering will allow enterprises to write once and run anywhere with flexible  access to multiple NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, speeding AI development for enterprises that  leverage on-demand accelerated computing.” 

Comprehensive Workflow Management for AI and Data Science 

Base Command Platform provides a single pane of glass view across AI development. It facilitates easy  sharing of resources through a graphical user interface and command line APIs, as well as integrated  monitoring and reporting dashboards.  

A broad range of AI and data science tools, including the NVIDIA NGC™ catalogue of AI and analytics  software, APIs for integration with MLOps software, Jupyter notebooks and more, help researchers  plan and schedule workloads, refine models and gain insights more quickly.  

NVIDIA developed Base Command Platform to power the work of its research teams around the world.  As new features are added for NVIDIA’s internal team, platform customers will receive these same  updates.


NVIDIA Base Command Platform with NetApp is now available for early access customers. Monthly  subscription pricing starts at US$90,000. Interested customers should consult with their NetApp  representative for more details. 

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