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Too boring to hack? A third of millennials think they’re too mundane to be the victim of cybercrime

Online security tops the charts as the most important factor for millennials looking to find their ‘Digital Comfort Zones’ at home, despite the fact that…

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Lessons from the $81M Cyberheist: Threat data is key to fend off future cyberattacks against banks in SEA

Amidst the increased use of online banking and e-wallet in the region fuelled by the pandemic, Kaspersky reminds banks and financial services in Southeast Asia…

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Recursive malvertising: over one thousand URLs for sale redirect users to blacklisted pages—including malicious ones

Kaspersky researchers have uncovered more than a thousand inactive domains that, when visited, redirect the visitors to unwanted URLs as a way to turn a…

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Secure your SMBs: Tips on how to fend off dangerous phishing emails

The COVID-19 pandemic is not totally over, but shelter-in-place orders gradually are. Starting this month, many countries in Southeast Asia are gradually lifting their different forms of lockdown. Some companies are ready to…

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Time to put the toys away: kids have spent less time on computer games during the pandemic

Following the introduction of restrictions around the world due to the coronavirus threat, people’s usual online behavior has changed, not only among adults, but also among…

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