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Singapore on cyberspies’ radar as clandestine activity ramps up in Southeast Asia

Kaspersky 2019 APT Report: Cyberspying groups haunt intel in Southeast Asia. Increased geopolitical-related campaigns underline urgent need for improved threat intelligence in the region  Kaspersky…

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Seven-day working week: DDoS attacks almost doubled in Q4 2019 compared to the previous year, with busier Sundays

Analysis has revealed that the number of attacks blocked by Kaspersky DDoS Protection in Q4 2018 amounts to only 56% of attacks detected in Q4 2019. Further investigation…

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SG ranks 11th globally as a cyber threat source: Kaspersky detects over 1M incidents in Q4 2019

Kaspersky’s latest data shows that more than one million detected incidents originated from servers located in Singapore in the final quarter of 2019. This places…

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Kaspersky uncovers zero-day in popular web browser exploited in the wild by the threat actor

Kaspersky’s automated technologies have detected a new exploited vulnerability in the Google Chrome web browser. Kaspersky has allocated the vulnerability as CVE-2019-13720 and reported it to Google.…

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Kaspersky blocks over 1 million Android attacks in Southeast Asia between January and September 2019

A recent Android mobile malware report by Kaspersky showed that Southeast Asia remains a target for cybercriminal attack campaigns. Of the more than 1 million…

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