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Smarten up your home with ALTEX’s SecureZIP Blind

ALTEX SecureZip Blind

mc2 has launched Singapore’s first-ever smart blind fashion gallery, and one of the most exciting products featured in their showroom is ALTEX’s SecureZIP Blind. What makes ALTEX’s SecureZIP Blind unique, besides being a smart blind, is that the research and development, including manufacturing of the product, are all done locally. The SecureZIP Blind is well-built

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Have You Met Alexa and Friends?

This year, Amazon has decided to give us all a new buddy… Well, a virtual buddy that is, to make life even more easier. We probably need not take notes anymore, and our memory power might take a backseat with Alexa bidding our every command. Alexa is a virtual assistant that is able to transform

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