MongoDB, Inc. and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) have joined forces to elevate the capabilities of Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI-powered coding companion. This collaboration aims to provide enriched suggestions for application development and modernization on MongoDB’s widely trusted developer data platform. MongoDB’s platform is relied upon by millions of developers and tens of thousands of customers for their business-critical applications.

Amazon CodeWhisperer, trained on an extensive dataset comprising billions of lines of Amazon and publicly available code, assists developers by generating code suggestions based on natural-language comments or existing code in their integrated development environments (IDEs). Through MongoDB’s curated training data and active participation in the evaluation process, the collaboration has ensured high-quality code suggestions tailored to MongoDB use cases.

Andrew Davidson, SVP of Product at MongoDB, highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI, stating, “Collaborating with AWS to train Amazon CodeWhisperer on MongoDB is a step in that direction, and developers can now build more quickly and focus on higher-value tasks.”

Deepak Singh, VP of Next Gen Developer Experience at AWS, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the impact of generative AI-powered coding companions on developer productivity and problem-solving. He expressed excitement about extending the capabilities of Amazon CodeWhisperer to the vast community of MongoDB developers.

As cloud-native applications continue to gain traction, developers seek ways to streamline tasks and allocate more time to innovation. IDC estimates a staggering 750 million cloud-native applications will be developed in the next two years. The collaboration between MongoDB and AWS addresses this growing need for efficient coding support. By training Amazon CodeWhisperer specifically for MongoDB, developers can now access tailored suggestions for building and modernizing applications on this platform.

The partnership focused on curating content and code from MongoDB documentation, detailed use cases, and common tasks with best practices. The result is an empowered Amazon CodeWhisperer that aids developers in creating high-quality code for tasks such as data aggregations, database operations, and application migration to MongoDB.

Developers can leverage these enhancements across five of the most prevalent programming languages used with MongoDB, including C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Additionally, Amazon CodeWhisperer offers essential features like built-in security scanning and a reference tracker, which provides information about the origin of a code suggestion.

Amazon CodeWhisperer is available for individual developers without any restrictions or time limits for generating code, making it accessible to the entire MongoDB community. To get started, developers can install the Amazon CodeWhisperer extension for their preferred IDE, provide an AWS Builder ID, and immediately begin using the service for code completion and generation.

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