Singapore’s Ministry of Law and Intellectual Property Office (IPOS) have announced important changes to help artists and creators. These changes will start on Wednesday, 1 May 2024.

Artists, like songwriters, authors, and filmmakers, often face challenges when it comes to getting paid for their work. The new rules will make this process simpler and more transparent.

  • For Artists: They will have more say in how their work is used and get paid regularly.
  • For People Using Art: It will be clearer and easier to get permission to use art. If there are problems, CMOs will have to be fair and reasonable.
  • For CMOs: They will have clear rules to follow without too much extra work. They will also get more advice on doing their job well.

Better Rules, Not More Restrictions

The new rules set better standards for how organizations that handle artists’ work, called Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), should operate. It’s like setting up good guidelines without making things too complicated.

Every CMO will now get a license automatically. This means they can do their job without needing to register or pay extra fees.

IPOS will be in charge of making sure the rules are followed. They can take action against CMOs who don’t play by the rules. This includes giving them directions, fines, or even stopping their business.

Helping CMOs and Artists Understand

The new rules are written down in a document called “Copyright (Collective Management Organisations) Regulations 2023.” This document also includes feedback from the public, which means people had a say in making these rules.

CMOs have six months, starting from Tuesday, 31 October 2023, to adjust their way of working to fit the new rules. This will make sure they’re ready when the changes begin in May 2024.

These changes are meant to make things fairer and more efficient for artists, businesses, and everyone who loves creative work.

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