TL;DR: Fitbit has introduced the Charge 6, featuring advanced health sensors and a machine learning algorithm for precise heart rate tracking. This latest tracker allows seamless connection to compatible gym equipment and fitness apps for real-time monitoring during workouts. With additional features like a haptic side button, extended battery life, and enhanced functionality, Charge 6 also integrates Google Maps and Google Wallet for added convenience, marking a significant advancement in Fitbit’s features.

Take a beat with improved heart rate tracking

The Fitbit Charge 6 introduces a groundbreaking machine learning algorithm, derived from the Pixel Watch technology, resulting in a 60% increase in heart rate tracking accuracy during intense activities like HIIT workouts, spinning, and rowing. This provides users with a higher level of confidence in their health data, from calorie tracking to Daily Readiness and Sleep Scores. The on-wrist ECG app also allows for atrial fibrillation assessment, coupled with notifications for high and low heart rate readings.

See your live heart-pumping progress and connect to fitness apps and machines

Charge 6 enables seamless connectivity to compatible exercise apps and machines, both at home and in the gym. Encrypted Bluetooth ensures secure connections to popular exercise equipment such as NordicTrack, Peloton, Concept2, and Tonal. Additionally, users can view their real-time heart rate through Android and iOS fitness apps, including Peloton, providing continuous motivation during workouts.

Fuel your fitness routine with more ways to track workouts and stay motivated

The Fitbit Charge 6 offers over 40 exercise modes, including 20 new options like HIIT, strength training, and snowboarding. The built-in GPS allows users to accurately track outdoor workouts without the need for a phone. Moreover, users can take control of their workout playlist with YouTube Music controls, offering access to over 100 million songs directly from the wrist, with personalized recommendations based on exercise preferences.

Bring the helpful tools you need, on-the-go

For the first time, Fitbit integrates Google Maps and Google Wallet into the Charge 6, streamlining transitions from workouts to daily activities. Users can access turn-by-turn directions and make contactless payments, providing a seamless experience. Additionally, the device features an Accessibility feature with Zoom + Magnification, offering a user-friendly interface for those with visual impairments.

Make sense of your wellbeing

Charge 6 leverages advanced sensors to provide comprehensive health insights. Users can assess their Sleep Score, manage stress through EDA scans, and access various health metrics like SpO2, heart rate variability, and breathing rate. Fitbit Premium offers access to a wide range of workout and mindfulness sessions, with the Fitbit app providing tailored recommendations based on the Daily Readiness Score.

Availability and Accessories

The Fitbit Charge 6 is available in Singapore from 12 Oct 2023, at $229.95, and available for pre-order today. It will be available online and in-stores via the Google Store and Fitbit website, as well as third party retailers including Amazon SG, Best Denki, Challenger Online, Courts Online, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Lazada, Popular (Selected stores), Shopee, Sprint Cass and others (AdvanceLap, ConnectIT).

It comes in three color options: Obsidian, Porcelain, and Coral. Fitbit also offers a range of accessories, including woven and sport bands, catering to different styles and occasions.

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