TL;DR: Global edtech leader Great Learning and technology-driven payments platform dLocal have joined forces to foster inclusivity in education. Through dLocal’s cross-border payments platform, learners in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia can now pay for Great Learning’s programs in their local currency and in convenient 12-month installments, making higher education more affordable.

Great Learning, a prominent global edtech company specializing in higher education and professional training, has partnered with dLocal, a technology-driven payments platform, to expand access to education in Latin America. Leveraging dLocal’s advanced payment solutions, learners in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia now have the flexibility to pay in their own currency and break payments into manageable 12-month installments, reducing financial barriers.

Great Learning’s programs are developed in collaboration with prestigious institutions like MIT, Stanford, Wharton, and more. With dLocal’s alternative payment options, it becomes more feasible for Latin American learners to manage their finances while studying at these esteemed global institutions.

Arjun Nair, Co-Founder of Great Learning, emphasized that this installment offering is just the initial step in their joint venture.

“Installments are just the beginning of our joint journey. By partnering with dLocal, we want to accelerate our mission of offering high-quality education to learners and businesses in all of Latin America.Enabling learners to break their payments up into 12 monthly installments results in financial inclusion and learners can plan their program fees according to their personal financial situation.”

Arjun Nair, Co-Founder of Great Learning

Joaquin Moreno, dLocal’s Head of APAC, expressed a warm welcome to Great Learning as a partner in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and beyond. He affirmed dLocal’s readiness to support their expansion throughout Latin America with localized payment methods, enhancing accessibility to education and upskilling opportunities from global universities.

Great Learning and dLocal have worked towards providing localized payments in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia, culminating in the implementation of interest-free installment payments.

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