TLDR: Check Point announces the acquisition of Atmosec, an early-stage start-up specializing in rapid discovery and disconnection of malicious SaaS applications. This move aims to bolster Check Point’s commitment to SaaS security and address security gaps in SaaS applications. Atmosec’s technology will enhance Check Point Infinity’s capabilities, offering robust SaaS security features.

Check Point has revealed the acquisition of Atmosec, an early-stage start-up with expertise in combating malicious SaaS applications. This strategic move is aligned with Check Point’s dedication to fortify SaaS security offerings and tackle vulnerabilities in SaaS applications. Atmosec, established in January 2021, currently employs 17 professionals.

The surge in SaaS application adoption has left organizations vulnerable to an expanding array of cyber threats. Statista’s data underscores an average use of 130 SaaS applications per organization worldwide. Startlingly, Atmosec’s research indicates an additional 700 SaaS applications in use without IT’s knowledge. Notably, popular enterprise platforms like O365 and Slack house hundreds of third-party apps, amplifying the potential attack surface and introducing risks of unauthorized information leakage, often circumventing standard IT authorization.

Nataly Kremer, Chief Product Officer and Head of R&D at Check Point Software Technologies, emphasized the significance of Atmosec’s technology in addressing challenges posed by malicious SaaS communications. “Integrating Atmosec’s technology into Check Point Infinity positions us to deliver one of the industry’s most secure SASE solutions,” Kremer stated. This integration aims to empower organizations in managing SaaS security effectively, preventing data breaches, unauthorized access, and malware propagation, while establishing a robust, adaptive zero-trust environment.

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Key features of Atmosec’s technology include rapid discovery and disconnection of malicious SaaS applications within 10 minutes, prevention of third-party SaaS communications with an enterprise’s environment, and comprehensive visibility into authorized and unauthorized SaaS applications. It also addresses misconfigurations in SaaS applications, such as publicly exposed repositories, and enforces multi-factor authentication (MFA) for application access, among other functionalities.

With Atmosec’s technology integrated, Check Point Infinity will offer SaaS security with continuous SaaS posture management, prevention of malicious communications (SSPM), and a comprehensive security stack for SaaS apps, encompassing threat prevention, data protection, and adaptive zero-trust access controls for both users and devices (CASB).

These enhanced capabilities will be progressively rolled out in accordance with the roadmap, enabling organizations to leverage these critical enhancements within the existing Check Point Infinity platform.

The acquisition of Atmosec is slated to conclude by mid-September 2023.

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