Shure, a leading name in audio technology, has launched the MVX2U Digital Audio Interface, an innovative single-channel solution aimed at breaking down barriers to achieving professional-grade audio. Compact yet powerful, the MVX2U presents a seamless XLR to USB interface, coupled with integrated software that grants access to the ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop app. This new device sets out to deliver extraordinary audio quality to content creators, streamers, podcasters, and musicians, with features that promise to redefine the audio landscape.

Designed to cater to a variety of microphone setups, the MVX2U boasts up to +60dB of clean gain, making it ideal for microphones like the iconic Shure SM7B. The interface also offers phantom power support for condenser microphones, ensuring that no matter the microphone type, the MVX2U can deliver the necessary power and clarity.

One of the standout features of the MVX2U is its Auto Level Mode, which dynamically adjusts gain levels in real-time, ensuring consistent audio output. This virtual audio engineer functionality enables creators to focus on their content without worrying about microphone technique, saving time on post-production edits.

ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop app compatibility enhances the interface’s capabilities by offering customization options through DSP. This includes EQ, limiter, and compressor presets for those who seek more hands-on control over their sound. Furthermore, firmware updates for the MVX2U will continually enhance its functionality, adapting to users’ evolving needs.

The MVX2U’s versatility shines through its compact design, fitting seamlessly with any XLR microphone setup. It can be directly plugged into the microphone’s XLR output or positioned inline with an XLR cable, providing users with flexible integration choices.

Sean Sullivan, Associate Director of Global Product Management at Shure, shared, “The MVX2U is the most convenient and powerful solution for users looking to convert their XLR microphones to USB at this price.” This underscores the company’s commitment to providing accessible and professional-grade solutions for both seasoned audio professionals and those starting their audio journey.

Priced at S$199 (including GST), the Shure MVX2U Digital Audio Interface is now available through various retailers, including AV One,, SLR Revolution, Swee Lee, TK Foto, and Treoo.

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