Xiaomi Launches 2023 International Theme Competition to Celebrate Local Designs and Global Creativity

Xiaomi, the renowned consumer electronics and smart manufacturing giant, has officially commenced its highly anticipated 2023 Xiaomi International Theme Competition. Organized by Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department (IIB), this annual event marks the second edition and aims to attract talented designers from the markets where Xiaomi operates. The competition seeks to incorporate local designs and motifs into themes, catering to Xiaomi users worldwide with a personalized touch.

Under the slogan “Global Expressions, Local Inspirations,” the competition emphasizes Xiaomi’s commitment to localization and connecting with users on a deeper level. Chan Liu, General Manager of the International Internet Business Dept. at Xiaomi, stated, “Localization has always been one of our core principles throughout our global expansion. The International Theme Competition reinforces our dedication to building a customized, enjoyable MIUI for everyone.”

Recognizing the pivotal role played by designers in shaping the Themes app’s popularity, Charlie Cheng, Head of Core Applications at the International Internet Business Dept., expressed Xiaomi’s gratitude and encouraged more designers and Xiaomi Fans to participate. The design process has been made more accessible than ever with the introduction of user-friendly design tools. Cheng added, “Passion and creativity are the keys to becoming a star in theme design, regardless of background, language, or professional experience.”

In conjunction with the competition announcement, Xiaomi’s IIB released a series of captivating videos that showcase the exceptional talents and stories of Xiaomi Themes designers. These videos exemplify the collaborative spirit within the Xiaomi Community. Among the featured designers is Manolo from Italy, whose black-and-white theme garnered over 20 million downloads. Colombian artist Matiba embraced her heritage, crafting vibrant smartphone wallpapers for Barranquilla’s Carnival in collaboration with Xiaomi.


Piyush’s journey from an enthusiastic Xiaomi Fan to a career in Xiaomi’s India office demonstrates the potential for passionate individuals to turn their creativity into a profession. Additionally, Lu Zhiru, a Xiaomi corporate partner, shared her decade-long experience of collaborating with the Xiaomi Themes team.

Known for its user-centric approach, Xiaomi empowers users to customize their devices, with the MIUI Theme being a central feature. Thousands of new themes, created by both professionals and Xiaomi Fans, are uploaded daily, allowing MIUI users to personalize their smartphones with stunning wallpapers, lock screen images, and customized icons.

From July 28th to November 1st, aspiring designers and Xiaomi Fans can submit their works for the 2023 International Theme Competition through the official website. Expert reviews and voting will commence from November 1st to December 28th, leading to the announcement of the winning designs and prize distribution. All competition themes will be made available for download to users, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

The coveted first prize winner will receive a substantial reward of USD 13,000, showcasing Xiaomi’s dedication to recognizing and rewarding outstanding creativity. For more information on the competition and updates, interested individuals can visit Xiaomi Community at https://c.mi.com/global/.

Xiaomi’s 2023 International Theme Competition promises to be a celebration of diverse cultures and artistic talents, further reinforcing the brand’s position as a global technology leader with a human touch. As designers around the world unite to create themes that resonate with users on a personal level, Xiaomi continues to inspire and delight its millions of users worldwide.

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