Singapore Mobile Operators to Retire 3G Services, Paving the Way for Enhanced 5G Connectivity

Singapore’s leading mobile operators, M1, Singtel, and StarHub, have jointly announced the decision to retire all 3G services, including voice, messaging, and data, with effect from July 31, 2024. The move comes as 3G technology has seen a significant decline in usage over the years, with the majority of consumers and enterprises already relying on the more advanced 4G and 5G mobile networks.

With the impending retirement of 3G networks, mobile operators will be able to repurpose the freed-up spectrum to further bolster their 5G services. This transition is expected to bring numerous benefits to consumers and businesses, including faster speeds, higher data throughput, enhanced security, and increased reliability. The move to 5G is in line with Singapore’s vision of becoming a leading digital nation, with seamless and efficient connectivity driving innovation and economic growth.

In preparation for the shift, mobile operators have been actively engaging in outreach programs to encourage their remaining 3G customers to migrate to newer and more advanced networks. The latest statistics show that only a small percentage of users continue to rely on 3G services, primarily comprising individuals using older mobile devices or SIM cards incompatible with 4G and 5G networks.

To facilitate the smooth transition, the companies have planned proactive measures to communicate the changes to 3G users and extend assistance to those who may require support in migrating. Customers currently on 3G-only or early release 4G handsets will have access to a wide range of 4G and 5G handsets at various price points, making it convenient for them to upgrade to the latest networks.

For customers still using 3G-only SIM cards, operators will provide information on their websites regarding how to upgrade to compatible SIM cards. This ensures that all subscribers can seamlessly transition to 4G and 5G networks, leveraging the full potential of Singapore’s preferred mobile technologies.

The retirement of 3G services marks a significant milestone for the telecommunications industry in Singapore, as it unlocks the potential for accelerated innovation in 5G services. The enhanced connectivity will empower consumers and businesses alike, enabling them to fully utilize emerging technologies, such as IoT applications, augmented reality, and real-time data analytics.

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