In an era where technology continues to simplify our lives, Roborock has emerged as a pioneering force in the field of intelligent home robotics. The company’s commitment to innovation and delivering a superior living experience is further exemplified by its latest announcement: the appointment of renowned Chinese star Xiao Zhan as the Roborock Global Brand Ambassador. This exciting collaboration coincides with the launch of Roborock’s newest addition to their smart home cleaning devices, the Roborock Q Revo.

Xiao Zhan, also known as Sean Xiao, has achieved widespread acclaim as an accomplished actor and singer, garnering numerous accolades throughout his career. Notably, he holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest-selling digital album, with his single “Spotlight” surpassing all expectations by setting a record within 24 hours of its release.

“Roborock is dedicated to delivering a better living experience without compromise through innovation,” affirms Richard Chang, Founder & CEO of Roborock. The brand’s vision revolves around simplifying everyday life, and in today’s world, floor cleaning devices like robot vacuums have become indispensable. With their cutting-edge hands-off automation and unparalleled cleaning efficiency, these devices have transformed the way we maintain cleanliness in our homes.

The Roborock Q Revo sets a new standard for smart home cleaning. It combines the power of an all-in-one vacuum and mop, introducing Roborock’s first-ever dual spinning mop system and an innovative maintenance-free dock. At an impressive speed of 200 RPM, the Q Revo’s mops effectively cleanse floors, while its automatic mop lifting feature allows for seamless vacuuming and mopping in a single operation, leaving no stains or messes behind.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the Q Revo autonomously returns to its newly designed multifunctional dock. This intelligent dock takes care of self-emptying, self-refilling, mop washing with drying, and fast charging, alleviating users from the hassle of post-cleaning cleanup. It ensures that the device remains ready for action whenever it’s needed.

Equipped with an extraordinary suction power of 5,500Pa, an all-rubber brush, and Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance, the Q Revo delivers exceptional vacuuming performance across various floor types. This powerful device not only effectively removes dirt and debris but also prevents hair tangles and navigates effortlessly around obstacles, providing a truly hassle-free cleaning experience.

The Roborock Q Revo is now available for purchase on the brand’s official stores at Shopee and Lazada, priced at SGD1,299.90. Experience the future of home cleaning with Roborock’s latest innovation and embrace a lifestyle of convenience and cleanliness.

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