Lenovo Commits $1 Billion to Accelerate AI Deployment and Expand Infrastructure Solutions

Lenovo has announced a major investment of $1 billion over the next three years to drive the expansion of infrastructure solutions and accelerate the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) for businesses worldwide. This investment, fueled by Lenovo’s record-breaking revenue of over $2 billion, increased digitalization, and the growing demand for IT infrastructure upgrades, aims to simplify the complex implementation of AI capabilities by bringing AI to the source of data.

Lenovo plans to leverage its extensive network of best-in-class partners to build next-generation turnkey solutions that enable edge intelligence. By doing so, the company aims to expand its AI-ready portfolio of smart devices, infrastructure solutions, and services, with a focus on industries such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and smart cities.

This investment represents Lenovo’s largest-ever commitment to AI infrastructure and underlines the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and driving AI technology forward. Lenovo aims to empower its customers, overcome deployment complexities, and unlock the full potential of AI, even at the edge.

As part of its investment strategy, Lenovo will allocate an additional $100 million to expand the Lenovo AI Innovators program. This program, launched just a year ago, has already delivered more than 150 cutting-edge AI-ready solutions in collaboration with 45 leading independent software vendors (ISVs) partners. The program aims to bring AI innovations from the lab to scale rapidly and facilitate transformative technology shifts in high-growth sectors.

Lenovo’s AI Innovators program creates an ecosystem of best-in-class software partners working alongside Lenovo to provide tailored, proven, and ready-to-deploy AI solutions for various industries. These solutions encompass a wide range of applications, including computer vision, audio recognition, prediction, security, and virtual assistants.

Sumir Bhatia, President of Asia Pacific at Lenovo ISG, expressed the company’s unwavering commitment to the future of AI. Bhatia highlighted how this significant investment demonstrates Lenovo’s dedication to being the most trusted partner in customers’ intelligent transformation journeys. He emphasized that the investment not only fuels innovation in AI technology but also empowers customers to overcome deployment complexities and drive innovation.

Lenovo’s AI Discover Center of Excellence, a newly established facility, will offer customers access to data scientists, AI architects, and engineers. This center will help explore, deploy, and scale AI solutions while providing guidance on the most suitable software partners, AI-optimized infrastructure, and responsible AI practices. Lenovo aims to assist organizations in deploying AI ethically and addresses considerations such as privacy, fair usage, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Lenovo is partnering with various ISV partners to deliver industry-specific AI solutions. For example, Lenovo is collaborating with DeepBrain AI to offer generative AI virtual assistants that can provide automated concierge services in the hospitality and retail sectors. Lenovo is also working with Guise to help industrial customers reduce unplanned downtime and optimize processes through computer vision, predictive maintenance, and anomaly detection on the production line.

Furthermore, Lenovo and Al Hathboor Bikal.ai are collaborating to deliver AI-enabled data centers in the United Arab Emirates. This initiative aims to support digital transformation projects across sectors, focusing on citizen safety and security. The data center utilizes Lenovo’s TruScale HPC and AI as a service, offering enhanced performance and efficiency through industry-leading water-cooling technology.

Lenovo is committed to bringing AI to wherever data resides, recognizing the importance of next-generation infrastructure technologies at the edge. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of AI-ready infrastructure now includes over 70 products. Lenovo has also introduced purpose-built edge servers, such as the ThinkEdge SE360 V2 and ThinkEdge SE350 V2, which enable AI solutions ranging from computer vision to voice AI and generative AI.

In addition to infrastructure solutions, Lenovo is implementing AI across its range of smart devices. Lenovo ThinkPad commercial laptops now feature AI-enabled computer vision technology to enhance video image quality and collaboration. The company’s ThinkReality XR solutions provide immersive simulations, while the ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series Data Science workstations offer high-performance capabilities for AI model development and training tasks.

With its substantial investment, comprehensive portfolio, and ecosystem of ISV partners, Lenovo aims to simplify the deployment of AI, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes and driving transformative intelligence across various industries.

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