Mrs. Josephine Teo, Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information, has unveiled Singapore’s Digital Connectivity Blueprint (DCB) as part of the country’s ambitious plans to enhance its digital connectivity. This strategic move is expected to pave the way for Singapore’s future digital infrastructure development.

To support the implementation of the DCB, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to establish the first Joint Innovation Centre (JIC) in Southeast Asia. This collaboration aims to foster innovation and facilitate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in the region. Furthermore, IMDA has appointed 18 highly skilled tech professionals as SG Digital Leaders through its SG Digital Leadership Accelerator program.

The Digital Connectivity Blueprint, developed in consultation with industry experts and government officials, outlines Singapore’s strategic priorities in the digital space. The blueprint focuses on three key aspects of digital infrastructure: hard infrastructure, physical-digital infrastructure, and soft infrastructure. By investing proactively and holistically planning for these areas, Singapore aims to ensure its digital infrastructure remains future-ready.

Singapore has committed to doubling the capacity for submarine cable landings within the next decade and plans to establish seamless end-to-end 10 Gbps domestic connectivity within the next five years. The country also aims to maintain world-class resilience and security for its digital infrastructure while pioneering the growth of new Green Data Centres to promote sustainability. Additionally, Singapore plans to drive greater adoption of the Singapore Digital Utility Stack, which facilitates seamless digital transactions.

Looking ahead, Singapore intends to explore nascent and frontier areas to capitalize on future opportunities. The country aspires to become a Quantum-safe Singapore within the next decade and lay the foundations for pervasive autonomy. Singapore also aims to develop a sustainable software ecosystem, known as “Green software,” to mitigate the environmental impact of increased compute demands. Furthermore, the country seeks to enable innovative solutions in key industries through Low Earth Orbit satellite services.

In parallel with the launch of the Digital Connectivity Blueprint, IMDA has named 18 outstanding individuals as SG Digital Leaders. These leaders come from various backgrounds and specialize in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), data, software, and engineering. The SG Digital Leadership Accelerator program aims to nurture a vibrant community of Singaporean digital leaders within the tech ecosystem. Through networking opportunities and mentorship from global tech leaders, these leaders will contribute to the growth and development of Singapore’s digital economy.

To drive innovation and promote the adoption of tech solutions, IMDA and AWS have established the Joint Innovation Centre (JIC) at PIXEL, IMDA’s Innovation Hub. The JIC provides a physical space equipped with state-of-the-art labs, including AR/VR, 5G, and usability testing facilities. This collaborative space connects corporates and start-ups across Southeast Asia, offering exclusive access to tech showcases, innovation methodology, and consultation by IMDA and AWS experts.

The JIC also serves as a gateway to IMDA’s and AWS’s extensive networks, facilitating connections with corporates, start-ups, and customers in various industries. By leveraging the AWS Partner Network, corporates and start-ups can accelerate their development, access AWS Partner Programs, list their software on AWS Marketplace, and receive dedicated support for co-selling opportunities.

The Joint Innovation Centre will feature tech solutions built on AWS and showcase start-ups participating in IMDA’s initiatives, such as the Accreditation and Spark programs. These solutions will be refreshed every four to six months, ensuring the latest advancements are highlighted. Notable offerings at the JIC launch include AWS’s Generative AI model image creation and start-up solutions from Virspatial, H3 Zoom AI, and Pindrop.

Through the collaboration between IMDA and AWS, companies can also develop Proof-of-Concept projects in a sandbox environment that involves both private and public sectors. This initiative aims to accelerate innovation and drive digital transformation across various industries.

With the launch of the Digital Connectivity Blueprint and the establishment of the Joint Innovation Centre, Singapore is reinforcing its position as a global technology leader. These strategic initiatives will enable the country to leverage emerging technologies, foster innovation, and create new opportunities for its people and enterprises.

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