Taiwan Excellence Showcases Cutting-Edge Innovations at Asia Tech x Singapore Conference 2023

Taiwan Excellence, the renowned organization established by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), is set to make a grand entrance at this year’s Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG) Conference 2023. The event will provide a platform for Taiwan Excellence to showcase more than 30 cutting-edge products from 15 leading Taiwanese technology companies. These products span a wide range of categories, including smart home solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) tools, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, and Smart City applications.

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, a focal point of the conference, exclusively features products and technologies that have received the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award. This accolade is bestowed upon outstanding Taiwan-originated products that demonstrate excellence in design, quality, marketing, Taiwanese research and development, and manufacturing. By organizing this showcase, Taiwan Excellence aims to strengthen ties between the ICT communities of Taiwan and Singapore, as well as foster collaborations and partnerships with other countries in the region.

Director Wu Yi-Ling of the Taiwan Trade Centre in Singapore expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to participate in Asia Tech x Singapore. He highlighted the significance of the event as Asia’s premier technology gathering, emphasizing that it provides an ideal platform for Taiwan to showcase its technological advancements, capabilities, and the immense value it can offer through potential collaborations. Wu also expressed a desire to promote knowledge exchange and establish deeper partnerships with customers, fellow innovators, and members of the broader Information and Communication Technologies industry.

Taiwan holds a prominent position in the global high technology sector and is currently the sixth-largest economy in Asia. It ranks seventh globally in terms of competitiveness and 13th in innovation. For the past three decades, Taiwan has dominated the global semiconductor market and remains a crucial player in the production of integrated circuits and electronic components. Moreover, Taiwan significantly contributes to the global computer hardware and mobile phone industries. The country’s economic focus is shifting from manufacturing efficiency to an intellectual property- and innovation-driven approach.

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion will be located at the Singapore Expo, specifically in Hall 3, Booth 3L2-03, and will be open for visitation during the Asia Tech x Singapore Conference 2023, scheduled from June 7th to 9th.

Among the prominent brands and innovations to be showcased at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, several noteworthy examples stand out:

1. E-Ink:
E-Ink Prism is a groundbreaking material that combines black and white with color-changing electronic ink technology. This innovation empowers manufacturers and designers to integrate dynamic colors, patterns, and environments into their products. The programmable patterns and shapes enable the creation of unique designs and functional features.

2. MSI:
MSI FUNTORO has developed a comprehensive and intelligent solution featuring a cloud management platform for electric buses. By integrating CANBUS and various sensors, the system collects and transmits real-time vehicle and driving data to a backend platform. This allows for efficient fleet management, remote monitoring of system devices, driver behaviors, on-duty time, and battery efficiency, ultimately enhancing fleet safety and operational efficiency.

3. Nilvana:
Nilvana’s Vision Studio presents an intuitive zero-code AI model development tool designed to assist industries venturing into the field of AI without encountering technical barriers. Offering multi-person real-time collaborative labeling and auto-labeling capabilities, Nilvana accelerates AI development and helps customers and partners boost their corporate output value. Moreover, it facilitates the integration of AI applications and IoT edge devices.

4. WebComm:
WebComm introduces the OETH Cloud Identity Solution, a powerful tool that enables enterprises to implement passwordless verification, thereby enhancing the single sign-on (SSO) experience. The solution is built on International FIDO standards, ensuring robust information security. Its features include on-demand payments, which reduce maintenance costs and simplify implementation for enterprises. It also offers passwordless SSO access to VPN, VDI, and various enterprise systems.

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