Jenfi Secures $6.6 Million in Pre-Series B Funding Round to Strengthen Position as Leading Fintech Lender for Digital-Native Businesses

Jenfi, a financial technology company specializing in revenue-based financing for digital-native companies, has successfully raised US$6.6 million in a Pre-Series B fundraising round. The round was led by Headline Asia, a prominent investment firm, with participation from Monk’s Hill Ventures, ICU Ventures, Granite Oak, Korea Investment Partners & Golden Equator Capital, Atlas Ventures, and other early investors who had previously supported the company.

With this substantial infusion of capital, Jenfi aims to consolidate its position as a leading fintech lender for emerging online businesses, including e-commerce, SAAS, and consumer-tech companies.

Jeffrey Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of Jenfi, expressed his enthusiasm about the latest funding round, stating, “We are grateful to have the support of such distinguished investors as we strive to push the boundaries of innovation in the fintech lending industry. This funding will expedite our vision for Jenfi and enable us to expand our offerings to a broader customer base across the region.”

Enabling “Growth Capital as a Service” in Southeast Asia

Jenfi has pioneered the concept of “Growth Capital as a Service,” becoming the first fintech company to offer flexible funding options to digital-native businesses seeking to scale their operations. This innovative approach unlocks additional marketing, inventory, and growth expenditures. To date, Jenfi has deployed over $25 million USD to support the growth of more than 600 companies, playing a significant role in advancing the digital economy.

With the recent funding, Jenfi plans to strengthen its presence in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia by expanding its customer base and fostering closer relationships with clients. Additionally, the company intends to enter new markets across Southeast Asia, making its innovative financing solutions accessible to a wider range of digital businesses and contributing to the region’s digital economy.

Jenfi: Revolutionizing Underwriting Through Automation and Integrations

Unlike traditional lenders that primarily rely on evaluating financial statements, Jenfi integrates seamlessly with various data sources to monitor and underwrite businesses. These sources include accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, payment gateways such as Stripe and Braintree, eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Haravan, online marketplaces including Shopee and Lazada, and digital advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. By having real-time access to these data sources, Jenfi can quickly evaluate and continuously monitor the health and activity of companies, obtaining valuable insights on revenue growth and marketing return on investment.

Jenfi’s automated underwriting platform allows for same-day decision-making and disbursement, streamlining the lending process for borrowers. The new funding will accelerate the company’s technological development and enhance the speed and accuracy of its credit underwriting and risk assessment capabilities. This, in turn, will enable Jenfi to better serve its existing clients, identify new opportunities, and seamlessly integrate its credit decisions and underwriting system with platform partners.

Jenfi’s accomplishments have earned praise from industry experts and customers alike, and the new funding will further propel the company’s growth.

Aki Okamoto, Partner of Headline Asia, commented, “We have extensively researched revenue-based financing and engaged with nearly every player in this field in Asia. Jenfi stood out to us. Their technology, product, operation, and traction are significantly superior to their peers. Jeff and Justin have done an exceptional job of finding the product-market fit, and we look forward to supporting their efforts to scale the business.”

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