OVHcloud, the European cloud computing leader, is doubling down on its efforts in quantum computing with the purchase of its first quantum-powered machine. The MosaiQ computer, designed by French firm Quandela, is equipped with a photonic processor and will help support OVHcloud’s research and development efforts.

The purchase of the MosaiQ computer is part of OVHcloud’s commitment to support the growing quantum computing ecosystem. The company plans to use the Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) based machine for various use cases and experiments in its research and development department. The goal is to provide the team with the necessary tools to develop quantum-based calculation as-a-service offerings.

OVHcloud has a strong commitment towards open ecosystems and actively supports development efforts in quantum computing through its France Quantum conference initiative and Startup Program. The latter provides technical assistance and credits to startups working in quantum computing.

Miroslaw Klaba, Director R&D OVHcloud, said, “With this new purchase, OVHcloud is delighted to become Europe’s first Cloud Service Provider to order a photonic quantum system. What can better embody the Innovation for Freedom purpose we serve than the totally disruptive field of quantum computing?”

Quandela’s system is expected to be delivered this fall and will pave the way for a quantum-ready future. The system relies on an upgradeable platform with a QPU that can be reconfigured, allowing for easy upgrades through new modules to ramp up computing capabilities. The first version will deliver a computing power of 2 qubits and will be easily upgradable with Quandela’s modular approach.

Valerian Giesz, CEO & cofounder of Quandela, said, “We are very grateful for the confidence OVHcloud places in us with this order. This is the first QPU order for our startup, and it represents a significant achievement after having been the first European startup to connect a quantum computer in a public cloud.”

OVHcloud’s purchase of its first quantum-powered machine is a significant milestone and signals the company’s commitment to the development of quantum computing. The MosaiQ computer is expected to provide OVHcloud’s research and development department with the necessary tools to develop quantum-based solutions and services.

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Mark Ko

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