Revolut, the global fintech company with more than 25 million retail customers worldwide, has added its popular Stock Trading product to its offering in Singapore.

Revolut customers in Singapore now have the opportunity to buy and sell US listed fractional shares through the Revolut app. The feature allows customers to invest as little as US$1 into stocks from popular listed companies. 

To mark the launch, Revolut Singapore is waiving all commission, custody and settlement fees until March 2023 for all customers. 

The Stock Trading feature includes real-time market data, stock research, stock charts, as well as price alerts, market graphs, and global market news within the app. 

By providing customers with access to an abundance of market and security information at their fingertips, Revolut aims to empower traders to make more educated investment decisions. 

“We’re really excited to be offering Stock Trading to our customers in Singapore, and simplifying the trading experience for both new and experienced investors,” said Deepak Khanna, Head of Wealth and Trading Revolut Singapore. 

“There are so many barriers for people in Singapore who want to invest in the US stock market. Traditional providers sting customers with a whole slew of hidden fees including brokerage, markups on foreign exchange into US dollars, as well as deposit and withdrawal fees. By offering $0 fee* trades and our market-leading FX rates, our Stock Trading feature sets out to simplify things and give investors more money on their trades, and less on fees.”
Yaroslav Kravchenko, Director of Wealth & Trading at Revolut said: “This is another huge step in our mission to democratize the financial sector by making financial services more inclusive, innovative and affordable. Our goal is to open up as many options and financial products to customers as possible, so they can save, invest and manage their money in the way that they want. ”

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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