Sygnia Launches Technology-Agnostic, 24/7 Fully Managed Cybersecurity Operations Service

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Sygnia has announced that it has expanded its incident response and proactive security services to include a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service. Sygnia’s MXDR is technology-agnostic and a 24/7 fully managed security operations service that includes monitoring, threat detection, forensic analysis, accelerated investigation, and a rapid transition to incident response when needed.

The service is operated by Sygnia’s elite teams with extensive nation-state level cyber warfare knowledge, advanced offensive and defensive capabilities, and decades of experience detecting, containing, and defeating cyber-attacks for the world’s most prominent enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies.

“The service leverages our proprietary XDR, a vendor-agnostic platform for security detection and response that was developed by Sygnia for Sygnia incident responders and has been battle-tested defending thousands of engagements,” said Yanir Laubshtein, Sygnia’s Vice President of MXDR. “Our XDR is designed for rapid deployment, with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations and a proprietary, light-weight and non-intrusive agent for faster deployment and maximum visibility of the enterprise going forward.”

Sygnia’s MXDR overcomes one of the key industry challenges facing MXDR clients: successful integration of the service. Sygnia takes a tailored approach to MXDR, to ensure precise service alignment with the organization’s cyber fabric, personnel, and policies.

Key benefits of Sygnia’s MXDR service include:

  • Accelerated threat detection driven by the latest field intelligence from Sygnia’s IR team into threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Enhanced investigation with complete remote forensics capabilities
  • Faster containment and eradication of attackers with a seamless transition from monitoring to response
  • Operated by highly experienced A-teams with extensive cyber warfare and enterprise security experience

“Over the past several years, Sygnia has seen the threat landscape evolve to become more dynamic and dangerous,” said Ram Elboim, Sygnia’s CEO. “With our MXDR, we can support organizations with a holistic solution that transitions from preparation and proactive security services to detection and response across their entire enterprise.”

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Mark Ko

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