SevenRooms partners Cybersource for seamless payments for hospitality businesses in APAC

SevenRooms, a guest experience and retention platform for the hospitality industry, has announced an integration with Cybersource, enabling hospitality businesses globally to accept payments seamlessly, without the need to manually build or connect to APIs. Global Payments, an official acquiring partner of Cybersource, a Visa solution, provides reliable, secure and robust merchant services that enable acceptance of major card types for online orders, takeaway and reservation deposits.

The integration comes as consumers demand more payment flexibility and technology-driven touchpoints from hospitality venues. Through the integration, venues can accept all major credit cards and currencies*, issue full or partial refunds, carry out payment reversals, store card details on file and facilitate payments initiated by either the customer or the merchant. Guests can also enter their card details and complete payment on any device. Cards can also be stored and charged by venues within new and existing reservations. 

Through the integration, users have three options:

  • Save card for later – Allows a venue to store card details during a new reservation booking or to apply a card to an existing reservation, available for charging up to seven days past the reservation date.
  • Charge card now – Allows a venue to charge a card when booking a new reservation or to charge a card within an existing reservation.
  • Paylink (Collect card details via link) – Allows a venue to send a link to request card details to store a card (to be available for charging up to seven days post-reservation) or to request payment from a guest. 

Paul Hadida, General Manager, APAC at SevenRooms, commented: “Our mission at SevenRooms is to provide the technology our customers need to create exceptional experiences, incentivise loyalty and drive revenue; whether that’s through our own industry-leading software, or through integrations with other best-in-breed platforms and providers. This integration with Cybersource is a timely and incredibly exciting example of that. Being able to facilitate flexible and frictionless payments is absolutely essential for businesses, and we’re excited to partner with Cybersource to leverage our collective expertise and vision to empower businesses so they can provide more convenient and meaningful experiences  for their customers and staff.”

Dan Parsons, Head of Cybersource, Asia Pacific said: “We’re driven by a desire to help our clients to accept payments securely while providing a better payment experience for their customers. This integration with SevenRooms will enable our hospitality merchants to provide a fully-integrated experience for their guests, whether they are dining in, ordering online or making reservations online. We’re excited to partner with SevenRooms and Global Payments to help these hospitality businesses streamline and enhance their payment capabilities, while providing the flexibility to meet consumer demands today.”

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