Ensign InfoSecurity (Ensign), Asia’s largest pure-play end-to-end cybersecurity service provider, launched its inaugural Open House event on 27 August 2022. The event allowed students to preview real-life cyber operations and understand more about the diverse cybersecurity careers available in Singapore.

The Open House attracted more than 200 graduates and undergraduates from the Universities and Polytechnics. This includes close to 70 aspiring female cyber talents. The event also gave Ensign a platform to interact, identify and recruit individuals with the passion and aptitude for cybersecurity.

Furthermore, interested attendees could apply for Ensign’s Technical Graduate Programme (TGP), a three-year programme with an annual job rotation across Ensign’s business units. Successful applicants will gain critical cross-functional knowledge, experience, and skills from working with the different departments, expanding their depth and breadth of cybersecurity knowledge. A total of more than 30 graduates have since signed up for the TGP after the event.

Ensign is expanding its pool of cyber defenders to meet the rising demand for cybersecurity services and tackle increasingly prevalent and sophisticated cyber threats. The company plans to strengthen its existing team of over 700 employees and is looking to fill a number of roles such as Penetration tester, Cyber Risk Consultant, Big Data Engineer, Full stack Engineer, Incident Responder, Threat Hunter, SOC Analyst, Cloud & Security Solutions Engineer, and more.

Aspiring cyber talents finding out more about the different career pathways in the cybersecurity industry

Besides recruitment, the Open House is part of Ensign’s larger effort to encourage more youths to join the cybersecurity industry and equip them with the skills and experience to succeed in this sector.

Themed “Unleash the Cyber Warrior in You”, the Open House was designed to awaken the students’ passion in the fight against cybercrime, give cyber defenders the chance to explore the different careers pathways in the sector, and get a glimpse of their future if they decide to join this industry.

Attendees were able to better understand what cybersecurity professionals do in their daily work life through demonstration stations and presentations. The students also attended guided tours led by Ensign leaders who took them through the different domains that the company’s end-to-end capabilities tackle. This encompassed consulting, designing, and building cybersecurity infrastructure, operating cyber operations, responding to cyber incidents, and research and development.

The demonstration stations were designed to deliver hands-on experience, giving the attendees a feel of actual cyber operations, such as Threat Hunting, Threat Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning Operations, Solution Engineering or Threat Research.

Ensign leaders were also available to answer any attendees’ questions regarding their areas of interest, the challenges they might face, and the pre-requisites of being a cybersecurity professional. Students interested in finding out more before pursuing a career in this sector could sign up for internships with Ensign. A total of about 90 students registered their interest in interning at Ensign after the event. 

Ms Serene Yeo, VP, Human Resources in Ensign, said: “Singapore’s cyber defence plays an increasingly critical role in enabling our nation’s next stage of growth as it ensures our digital economy remains vibrant, trusted, and protected from cyber adversaries. Through our Open House, we hope to pique students’ interest in this field and deepen aspiring cyber defenders’ understanding of cybersecurity in the real world and the different roles available in this industry. This will allow them to consider where their interests and talents lie before they decide the path they plan to take. This is part of our sustained commitment to building a vibrant and skilled cybersecurity ecosystem in Singapore and enabling passionate cyber talents to capitalise on the job opportunities in this growing sector.”

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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