September is the time of the season where Apple announces their new launches like their iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch series.

Although every year, I hope to see a uniquely different iPhone and Apple Watch, I always ended up with a bit of disappointment because they are mostly similar. In the era where Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei have already rolled out their foldable phones, Apple continues to stand ground on their unapologetic simple and minimalistic design. I do respect that as the aforementioned have not yet successfully addressed the need for foldable phones.

Will Apple do any differently this time? 

It is hard to predict as leaks these days have more or less contradicted each other. Hence, I can only rely on our understanding of Apple and their earlier announcements. So here’s what I think.

What to expect from iPhone 14

I suspect that the new iPhone 14 would look more of less similar to the predecessor with a slight tweak to its notch with a pill-shape design.

There would probably be no in-display fingerprint sensor as this technology has not been exactly dependable, which can ruin the perfections put into manufacturing an iPhone.

The biggest news in Europe this year for Apple was the landmark case to force the tech giant into using USB Type C port and cable. It is highly unlikely that they will conform so quickly as they have up to fall 2024 to do so.

Onto the camera department, Apple is likely to fit in a 48 megapixel lens this time around to fulfil its potential since iOS has long mature and ready for it.

Lastly, will we see an upgrade of the A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14? Probably but with an X behind the 15. The marketing keywords for the chip will be more or less the similar – faster, smoother, better,

Will there be exciting changes to the iPads in 2022?

The iPad series definitely need to differentiate their uniqueness clearly. Currently, except for the iPad Mini 6, which is questioning its existence other than portability, the iPad Air is very similar to the iPad Pro. So, what’s the deal with that?

It might be a pricing strategy to overlap the cost of each device but it is time to focus on specific target audience. So, I think that the iPad Pro might get some major update whereas the iPad Air will remain more or less the same.

Jumping back to the iPad Mini, I do not see a need to have a quick fix to it since it just debuted not long ago. So 2023, maybe?

My prediction of the design language for the iPad series is that they would be the same with just minor upgrades to its camera and speakers. Oh! How can I forget about the Apple Pencil. For that, I believe there would not be an update. It is perfect now and the demand is not exactly there, is it? Even I struggle to find a need for it. Perhaps a more affordable iPad Magic Keyboard makes better sense.

Will there be a rugged version of the Apple Watch Series 8?

This is where I am super stoked about. There would probably be a rugged sports version of the Apple Watch to compete with their competitors. I mean, Garmin has already showed its hands with its latest Fenix series. So, a rugged version could not only provide an excellent option for consumers who are active, it could also challenge the “exorbitant” pricing of Garmin’s higher end sport watches.

Apple Watch SE would still be a thing, making it more affordable for people who are more contented with a lower-end model with similar features.


I do not think that all of my predictions will come true. But one thing is for sure. Whatever the changes and upgrades, Apple users will definitely jump at all opportunities to get their hands on the latest products, YouTubers especially.

What is important also, especially during this year of economic instability, is to really consider if an upgrade is necessary and due for what you might already have. If you have cash to burn, then go for it. Else, save for the rainy days, please!

Now you have read my predictions, let me know your thoughts too!

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

Besides tech, I love chicken rice. Point me in the right direction and I'll go and try it. :)
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