MyRepublic has announced that Achievement Unlocked will be making a comeback for Season 3 from 25 April to 26 June 2022, with a new lineup of exciting games and weekly and seasonal challenges.

First launched in 2020, Achievement Unlocked is a MyRepublic GAMER initiative that brings together gaming enthusiasts in Singapore across all demographics to celebrate their skill and dedication to their gameplay.

Season 3 will feature the following four games:

  • Elden Ring – playable on PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X/Series S/One, Windows PC
  • Valorant – playable on Windows PC
  • Genshin Impact – playable on PS4/PS5, Android, iOS, and Windows PC
  • Stardew Valley – playable on PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X/Series S/One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac, Linux

All gamers in Singapore can participate in Achievement Unlocked S3 from the comfort of their homes, using their own gaming rigs. They can simply play the games in their own time and be the first to complete a series of challenges, including:

  • 20-Season Achievements: Each game will feature five-Season Achievements, and gamers must complete the challenges during the season (25 April to 26 June) to qualify for the prizes.
  • 24-Weekly Achievements: Each game will run for two weeks, with three Weekly Achievements each week. Gamers are to complete the challenges within the specific week of the game run to clinch the top spot.
  • More details on the individual challenges and how gamers can participate will be revealed on 25 April here.

Winners who beat their opponents to the punch and be the first to unlock these achievements will be rewarded IRL with prizes worth over $3,000, including Elden Ring Collector’s Edition, branded gaming peripherals, and Grab vouchers.

Lawrence Chan, Managing Director, MyRepublic Singapore said, “The pandemic has supercharged our gaming habits, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Our recent inaugural study of gamers in Singapore shows that people are spending more money and time gaming than ever. There’s no better time to launch a new season of Achievement Unlocked to take their gaming to the next level and offer real-life rewards to complement their in-game accomplishments. This is only the beginning; we have more initiatives to engage gamers in the coming months, so stay tuned!”

Live in Yishun? You might be a more hardcore gamer than your friend in Queenstown

In December 2021, MyRepublic GAMER conducted its first-ever study of gamers in Singapore based on a survey of its broadband subscribers, which uncovered a treasure trove of data about the habits and preferences of gamers in Singapore.

For one, respondents living in the North are Singapore’s biggest players, with 48% gaming more than 15 hours a week, compared to 41% across all regions.

Conversely, those living in the Central region were the lightest gamers, with the majority (68%) saying they game for less than 15 hours a week.

Across all regions, PC takes the top spot as the preferred gaming platform (60%), followed by Sony PlayStation (21%) and mobile phones (16%).

Work From Home? More like Game From Home!

The survey also found that close to half of respondents (48%) working from home are sneaking in some game time during the workday. In fact, respondents living in the North-East region (52%) were the most likely to game during office hours.

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority (91%) saw gaming as a way to destress, making it the top reason why they game. While some regard gaming as a way to rest, others also see gaming as a form of recharge, with 62% of respondents saying it keeps their minds active and engaged.

“It’s clear from our survey that gaming is no longer a niche hobby reserved for a select few ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’, but a mainstream activity that’s enjoyed by both young and old,” Lawrence added. “More than 350 gamers have participated in Achievement Unlocked since its inception, and we hope Season 3 will give our community more reasons to celebrate their love and passion for gaming.”

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