Arcwave, the high-tech sex toy brand for penis-owners, is entering a new market: vacuum cleaners. After launching Ion in 2020, the world’s first air-pulsating penis stroker, Arcwave is launching VaCum.

VaCum is a two-in-one product that is both a hand-held vacuum and a stroker! This product is equipped with the Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology to suck up dust and crumbs efficiently while in vacuum mode. When the product is switched to stroker mode, it creates a pleasurable, orgasm-inducing experience by stimulating the sensitive nerve endings of the frenulum.

Conventional vacuum cleaners are sometimes used for masturbation. Vacuum cleaners are not designed to come in contact with the most intimate part of our bodies and using them for masturbation can result in serious injuries. In order to alleviate this issue and offer a safe alternative for consumers, Arcwave was inspired to create VaCum.

Pleasure Air Technology, to suck it all

The Pleasure Air Technology was invented in 2014 with the first Womanizer product, which offered contactless clitoral stimulation through air waves. It revolutionized the sex toy industry for vulva-owners. A few years later, Arcwave used the idea to develop the Pleasure Air Technology specifically for the penis: Arcwave Ion. The technology stimulates the tip of the penis with pulsating air waves to deliver an entirely new type of orgasm, one that is not achievable by stroking alone. Today, Arcwave’s engineers have once again repurposed this technology to maximize suction to create an effective vacuum, while keeping the same settings as the Ion stroker for the sex toy mode.

VaCum: discretion & efficiency guaranteed

Arcwave is a high-tech brand that strives to create unique and innovative products. After Ion, the world’s first air-pulsating penis stroker, the brand decided to create a product that doesn’t exist anywhere else: VaCum. This new Arcwave product is very easy to use. To change the mode between vacuum or stroker, simply press a button. When VaCum is used for pleasure, the CleanTech silicone sleeve should be inserted into the suction cavity beforehand for hygienic and safety reasons. After use, simply rinse the sleeve under water or clean it with a sex toy cleaner.

Who could imagine that once the silicone sleeve is inserted this hand-held vacuum cleaner could turn into a sex toy that can give incredible orgasms? In addition to being discreet, VaCum is incredibly effective in both vacuum and stroker mode. There is no longer any excuse to not enjoy yourself… or clean your home.

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