Aftershock PC unveils Apex 15X Evo – A Liquid-Cooled Hybrid Portable Powerhouse 

Aftershock PC unveils Apex 15X Evo – A Liquid-Cooled Hybrid Portable Powerhouse 

Aftershock PC, Singapore’s premier PC builder, has launched the Apex 15X EVO – one of the world’s first ever hybrid performance laptops aimed at pushing the limits of conventional portable offerings with its unique liquid-or-air-cooling design. Representing a new  generation of laptops, the Apex 15X EVO combines an entirely new internal architecture with an  external liquid-cooling module – the Aftershock Glacier Core – to extend its thermal capabilities for  unprecedented compute performance in a mobile form factor that remains effortlessly portable when  untethered. When liquid-cooling is enabled, the Apex 15X EVO operates at lower temperatures,  decreased noise levels, and even better performance. 

Together with the most potent, no-holds-barred hardware available – from Intel’s new champion 12th Gen i9-12900H chipset to mobile graphics cards that be upgraded to a dizzying RTX 3080 Ti – the Apex  15X EVO succeeds Aftershock PC’s Apex flagship laptop series as the new standard-bearer of ultimate portable performance.

Trail-blazing, Inside and Out 

Condensed within a supremely compact 186 x 203 x 75 millimetre partial-aluminium chassis, the Apex  15X EVO brings the world’s newest and greatest technology into a lightweight 2.2kg body that shows  off its minimalist design language. Starting with its CPU, the laptop takes advantage of Intel’s new 12th Gen chipsets – ranging from the i7-12700K to i9-12900H – to push benchmark-breaking performances with its novel combination of Performance-cores (P-Cores) and Efficient-Cores (E-Cores). 

Each core is optimised for different use cases, allowing the Apex 15X EVO to utilise P-Cores for  demanding compute tasks while E-Cores maximise performance per watt for less taxing operations to  offer better battery life. In trial benchmarks, the new chipsets offer an overall 39% performance uplift  in comparison to its 11th Gen counterparts, the most significant generational leap in recent iterations. 

Mightier Horsepower, Speedier Screen

The machine complements its powerful Intel 12th Gen CPUs with NVIDIA’s mightiest GPUs – the new  RTX 3070Ti and RTX 3080Ti. Both GPUs represent the world’s fastest graphics cards available for  notebooks, and brings unheard-of performance upgrades with NVIDIA’s Ampere-based architecture,  with the RTX 3070Ti clocking up to 70% performance uplift over the previous-gen RTX 2070 SUPER. 

Meanwhile, the new top-of-the-line RTX 3080Ti packs even more extreme performance through its 16GB GDDR6 memory, outgunning even a desktop-class NVIDIA TITAN RTX. 

All this feeds into a screen that is in a league of its own: a brand-new QHD 240Hz Wide Color Gamut  display. With a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, the Apex 15X EVO’s panel delivers unbelievable clarity and colour precision at a ridiculously fast 240Hz refresh rate, enabling competitive play at the  highest tiers while staying faithful to colour accuracy for content creation needs. 

Overpowered, Even In The Details 

Beyond its key components, every detail of the brand-new Apex 15X EVO lives up to its flagship class. The performance laptop supports up to 64GB of next-gen 4800MHz DDR5 memory and up to 4TB of  7000mb/s GEN4 SSD storage, allowing for maximum utilisation of its CPU and GPU without  bottlenecks. Core features that make the Apex 15X series a favourite remain, including a per-key-RGB  mechanical keyboard, massive 92Whr battery, and an extensive selection of ports that make the series  exceedingly functional for professional content creators. 

The Aftershock Glacier Core 

Crucially, the Apex 15X EVO is the first-ever Aftershock PC notebook to support the innovative  Aftershock Glacier Core liquid-cooling module, which amplifies the laptop’s overwhelming  performance with powerful heat dissipation and thermal regulation. The module houses a pump, fan  and up to 210 millilitres of coolant in a tiny 186 x 203 x 75 millimetre chassis, offering a modular  plug-and-play system that is easy to set up. When connected, the pair of devices work in tandem to  drop temperatures by up to 20 degrees Celsius even during the heaviest applications, resulting in  lower fan speeds and far less operation noise. This drastically improved thermal headroom enables  core components to reach and maintain higher boost speeds despite operating at even lower  temperatures. In our labs, Apex 15X EVO systems on liquid-cooling mode performed superbly with  up to 9.8% greater performance when compared to its air-cooling mode. 

Availability and Pricing 

Pre-orders for the flagship laptop are available starting from SGD 2899 today at Aftershock PC’s  webstore. For a limited time only, customers purchasing the Apex 15X EVO early can look forward to  receiving a free upgrade to Intel’s i9-12900H chipset whilst stocks last. 

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